Pope Utters Curse While Giving Weekly Blessing (Video)

Pope Utters Curse While Giving Weekly Blessing

On Sunday, Pope Francis experienced an accidental slip of the tongue when he cursed in Italian while he was giving his weekly blessing in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican. In the middle of giving his speech in Italian, instead of using the word “caso” which means example, the Pope said the word “cazzo”, which is considered a swear word or vulgarity. He swiftly corrected himself, but there were numerous videos of the mistake soon up on YouTube.

The Pope was speaking about how every person should not be trying to obtain riches but live by example instead, just before he made the error. However he instantly paused and changed the phrase to say it correctly. He instead said that as an example, the wisdom of God will become evident through the movement of harmony and not wanting riches for oneself.

The mistake did not even receive any sort of nasty response, instead the majority of individuals saying that he deserved to be forgiven. Just about everyone said that even the Pope makes mistakes.

Happily, the little episode did not outshine the Pope’s message of his weekly blessing. He wanted people to pray for Ukraine and also asked the global community to please support any initiatives there are for peace and discussion in that country.

The swear word is not officially as bad as the f-bomb, but it is considered to be a rude word that basically is used as another route for the exact same sentiment. Obscenities in one language never really work out that great when translated into another.

Foreign languages can be very dangerous some times. School textbooks never go over this part of learning different languages. All that seems to be accomplished there are a few years where the practicing of numbers and letters of the alphabet are rehearsed along with extra emphasis on their vowels. The teacher makes the students take some sort of strange name in the language they are studying, and it is unlikely that one ever really learns to speak the language.

Such strange misunderstandings have gone on for centuries. Many speak about the phrase from the Bible where it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. All sorts of individuals have gone on about this statement for hundreds of years. It is extremely hard to get through a needle eye. Is that other word actually camel or does it mean something else entirely? Who knows for sure?

The Pope has had to learn and also speak many languages so having something like this happen really is not surprising. What is startling is that it has not happened before to another one. What is also extremely remarkable is just how the public has reacted to this. It is very hard to get in front of a crowd and do public speaking. It is the most feared thing even more so than death, and that is in the language one grew up speaking.

So it is basically a big so-what that on Sunday, Pope Francis had an accidental slip of the tongue when he uttered an Italian curse word while he was giving his weekly blessing in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican. He may be the Pope but he is also only human and he gets a major thumbs up.

By Kimberly Ruble


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