Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode Three: Illusions

Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode Three Illusions

Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode Three Illusions

Last Monday’s segment, which was repeated on Saturday, of Private Lives of Nashville Wives, episode three could have been titled Illusions instead of Behind Closed Doors. Simply put, the illusions are coming to an end. Both Jennifer, the hard nosed business woman and type “A” personality and twin Anna wanted to “give” Erika a chance to explain why she is different from them, i.e. not a hard drinking hard partying gal.

In reality, the two women ganged up on the former soap actress and the little get together ended on a sour note. The issue is not just that Erika does not drink a lot of alcohol, but the fact that she does not want to join Jennifer and Anna’s lunchtime cocktail hour speaks volumes about how uncomfortable she feels around the two women.

So far, out of all these “powerful” women, Erika, Cassie and Sarah are the three who come across as likable and normal. Like every mother who takes time to be a full-time mom, Erika is almost desperate for adult conversation. Sadly for her, Jennifer and Anna make it quite plain that they find talking to the former actress awkward and difficult and the two women do not try to welcome the mother of two into their little group.

Cassie and Erika continue to bond while Sarah works on a song with her husband Dallas Davidson. Jennifer is apparently used to being the Queen Bee and isn’t happy that all of the women in show are not flocking around her and following her lead. Unfortunately for the girls who are not part of her group this brutally forward female seems set on sowing seeds of discourse between the other women.

Erika is feeling a little jittery about her move to get back into acting and her photo session for a new head shot doesn’t go well at all. Her husband Bryan shares her displeasure at the results and he also seems to fully support her dream of returning to the role of professional actor.

Songwriter Dallas Davidson reveals that marriage is not easy and it is starting to look like he isn’t all that supportive of Sarah’s dream to make it in the music industry. The two appear to have their love of music in common but little else. Sarah describes Dallas as a man’s man who cannot understand his “girlie girl” wife and it seems that her husband only supports the singer’s career with a minimum amount of time devoted to helping her achieve her dream.

Private Lives of Nashville Wives in episode three continues shedding the initial illusions of some of the women that were presented to each other in the first two episodes. In Fun Sponge it became clear that at least three of these wives believed in partying hard and had no time for those who did not share their passion.

While it appears that Bryan completely supports Erika in her goals, not every husband shares his position. She, Cassie and Sarah find another get-together with with Anna, Betty and Jennifer uncomfortable and disturbing. The “power” ladies explain that husbands in the industry are not faithful to their wives.

At Sarah and Dallas’ summer party the divide between the two groups of ladies becomes ever wider. In Private Lives of Nashville Wives the show continues to show just how different certain women are and some, in episode three, seem determined to upset the apple cart. Illusions are both shattered and created with the intention of being cruel.

By Michael Smith



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