Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Fun Sponge – Disappointment and Joy (Review)

Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Fun Sponge - Disappointment and Joy

Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Fun Sponge - Disappointment and Joy

The second episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives titled Fun Sponge zeroes in on two of the wives and their dreams as well as one wife’s struggle to fit in; the show’s theme this week is all about disappointment and joy. Erika, Cassie and Sarah are the main focus of this week’s episode beginning with ex-soap star Erika Page White and the audience learn a bit more than they want to about what happens in the bedroom between her and her husband, Bryan. Although, it has to be said it is heartwarming to see such a patriotic couple.

Cassie shares her and Gary’s joy and worries about their new baby Eva Rose. After trying to have a child without success, the couple went the adoption route and they chose Chelsea’s baby, Eva. It is apparent when Eva Rose’s birth mother comes to visit that both Gary and Cassie are stressed and worried that Chelsea will change her mind about letting them take her baby. There is a 10 day period where Eva’s mother can change her mind and Cassie admits that she is so worried that she feels like vomiting.

Sarah Davidson is under a different sort of stress as she and her band head to Roanoke, Virginia for a gig. Meanwhile, Erika is sending the men of the house, her hubby and two little ones, off to Texas on tour. She is balancing her excitement at having a ladies night out, which she has organized, and missing her children and worrying about how they will manage without mom.

Aside from Erika’s “night out” Cassie has organized a “sip and see” party timed to commence after the 10 day “cool-off” period for Chelsea to change her mind expires. Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Fun Sponge deals with two ladies disappointment; Erika and Sarah and one’s joy; Cassie. In the disappointment stakes, Erika’s girl’s night becomes cringeworthy and where Jenny proves that she is the alpha female of the group and Sarah’s big night; isn’t.

Both wives have a pretty miserable time. Sarah misses out on the girly night and at least three of the “ladies” gang up to make Erika feel like the odd one out. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Jenny is the wife who coins the phrase “fun sponge,” which means someone who “sucks all the fun out” and decides with Ana to tell Erika that she needs to learn how to have fun.

Cassie and Gary have a great “S & S” party and they breathe a collective sigh of relief when the time runs out for Eva Rose’s birth mother to change her mind. Gary has a unique timer tone set to go off when the deadline is passed. The little get together to welcome Eva into the family is heart warming and it is apparent this couple, despite their May to September romance, are made for each other and share the same hopes and dreams.

Both Sarah’s and Erika’s nights are, apart from cringeworthy, a real tug at the heartstrings. Sarah gets brought down to earth with a painful thump when the audience at her Roanoke gig are more interested in their steaks and each other than her original music. Her drummer, and manager, Austin says to just ignore the locals and treat the performance like a practice. It is painful to see this talented woman belt out some great music to a crowd that acts as though she and her band are not there.

Viewers learn more about the three woman on show tonight. Erika reveals that she feels like ‘ “the dud” of the group; Sarah’s dreams are still bigger than her reality; and Cassie is fulfilling her dream to be a mother. This former Hooter waitress also reveals that when she met Gary Chapman he was broke; so much for being a “gold digger.” She also tells Erika that Gary has had to take a 9 to 5 job on his comeback trail.

Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Fun Sponge is all about disappointment and joy, but not in equal measure. Thus far in this country music capital reality show, these three women seem the most real, and likable, out of the six forceful women on the program. Erika, despite feeling like the dud of the group, seems like a good mother who wants to kickstart her former career; Sarah is still working hard to make her mark on the Country Music scene and Cassie shows just why she and Gary are a solid couple. The Guardian Liberty Voice will be interviewing both Cassie and Gary Chapman later this week where the couple can shed some more light on just how real their love is.

By Michael Smith



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