Puff Daddy Rises [Video]

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While Sean Combs has certainly remained in the spotlight throughout his entire career, he has not been known as Puff Daddy for quite some time. Reintroducing himself with the original nickname may just arouse enough attention to get his new album MMM off and running. Sean John Combs, AKA P. Diddy, AKA Puffy, has not gone by Puff Daddy since 2001, around the time he released the album Thank You. In recent years, he has become more known for producing, and acting than putting out hit songs of his own. With the upcoming release of his first album in 4 years, it looks like Puff Daddy rises once again.

Monday, March 24 Combs gave his fans a glimpse into his vision for MMM, his first album since the disappointing 2010’s Last Train To Paris. The one-minute-long teaser video (see below) for the single “Big Homie” gives Puff Daddy top billing – which is the first instance in which world has seen that name in about 13 years. It also credits and features presumed collaborators Rick Ross and French Montana, both of whom have worked with Puff Daddy (yes, Puff Daddy), for a while.

The teaser starts off in slow motion, with shots of New York City and the gang posturing and mugging for the camera. Ross is puffing away, silhouetted against a dimly lit background. In other scenes Puff Daddy and Montana are hanging out in what appears to be an NYC-style bodega. Then, we see Combs donning an extremely lavish fur coat while driving down the street. At that point the music burts in with an intense slow, but powerful beat. It’s at that moment, fans will get the chills, as Puff Daddy rises to meet the sound with an old school rap style that hearkens back to the days of Biggie Smalls and songs like “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” – yet, with more gangster gusto than ever.

Over the span of almost two decades Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs has had an incredible career. He burst onto the scene in 1997 with his chart-topping album No Way Out – although he had been working in the recording industry since 1989. His most famous collaboration to this day remains to be with the Notorious B.I.G (Biggie Smalls), who tragically died in 1997. Aside from rapping in future albums, Combs went on to produce and direct music videos for artists such as Nas, he was famously featured in the hit MTV series Making The Band, and then he became known as an actor for his roles in films Made, Monster’s Ball, and Get Him to the Greek. All this was aside from manning his well-known clothing line, Sean John.

Combs has never stopped working, producing, and frankly, making money. Successful in a multitude of ventures he may have been out of the spotlight as a rapper for a few years, but he was never out of the game. Now, it seems his time to rise as the artist formally known as Puff Daddy, a la Prince, has come once again. According to the “Big Homie” teaser video, the beginning of this next phase comes in less than seven days. An actual date for the album MMM has not been announced.

Opinion by Josh Taub

Los Angeles Times
NY Daily News
CBS News


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