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Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have already started taping their reunion special and there are already reports that a ridiculous brawl between Porshia Stewart and Kenya Moore broke out on set. Apparently, Stewart and Moore were arguing and it became too heated for the younger costar. Stewart allegedly jumped up and crossed the room to get to Moore and grabbed her by her hair.

Some reports are saying that Stewart actually dragged Moore across the stage by her hair. Other reports are saying that no one was injured and the fight was broken up immediately, but admits that there was some hair pulling. This reunion brawl only adds to a number of disturbing and ridiculous fights that happened on the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season.

With a few exceptions like Lisa Vanderpump and Heather Dubrow, the ladies on the Real Housewives franchisees have never been ones to follow an etiquette book or turn the other cheek if some is verbally attacking them. As viewer, we do expect some sort of pettiness and fighting, but these full on physical attacks are getting disturbing.

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers have watched fights quickly escalate into physical violence. It all started with the pajama party that Nene Leakes hosted for her cast mates. Leakes came up with a game, which made each person in the room answer uncomfortable questions. Many of the questions had to do with touchy issues they had with each other. It was not a good idea. Moore got up and crossed the room towards a woman who was yelling at her and it all went down hill from there. The woman’s husband grabbed Moore’s arm to stop her from attacking his wife, Moore’s friend Brandon jumped up to protect Moore, two other husbands, Peter Thomas and Apollo Nida, jumped in to separate them, that’s when it became physical. Viewers watched in horror as Nida repeatedly punched Moore’s friend Brandon in the face as he laid on the ground.

The producers eventually stopped the fight, but tensions were still high in the room.  Two other cast mates, Kandi Burrus and Cynthia Bailey, had to also be separated because they were about to get into a physical fight as well. Burrus was yelling that she would kill Bailey. It was shocking to watch adults act this way, especially in a society that is so against bullying. Moore was blamed for that fight because she jumped up and crossed the room. No one spoke about Nida’s shocking behavior. After tension calmed down, the group vacationed together in Mexico. Another fight broke out with Leakes husband and Thomas and they also had to be separated.

There are many other cases in this season where a fight was going to become physical. Burruss’s mother even tried to attack her assistant.  The mother took off her shoe to throw at the assistant, and also left a voicemail that she was going to drag her through the streets. Burruss did nothing to stop her mother from attacking her friend and acted like this was normal behavior.

Now with reports about the reunion, it seems that ridiculous brawls are the new norm for the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  However, in each of these physical altercations, Stewart has not been involved. She even left the hotel after the pajama party because she couldn’t handle it. Either Stewart cracked under the pressure and couldn’t handle Moore’s bulling any more (Moore has verbally attacked her on many occasions this season) or Stewart has learned by her cast mates that resorting to physical violence is perfectly acceptable behavior.

By Sara Petersen


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