Repeat Offender In Colorado Evades Judicial System To Joyride With Toddler

repeat offender

A repeat offender has once again made it clear to the authorities and counties of Colorado that he is indeed a danger to society. A 28 year old man, identified as Ryan Stone, was arrested Wednesday morning, just after eight AM local time (MST) in Douglas County. After car-jacking three separate vehicles, and leading police on a wild chase that lasted nearly two hours, during early-morning rush-hour traffic, one police officer went to the hospital and a four year old ended up being reunited with his mother.

Stone’s first criminal offense of the early morning was committed as he stole a 2008 Ford Edge that was idling in a Bradley’s gas station, on Main St. in Longmont. Marta Rodriguez walked into the gas station. Her son, Allen Rodriguez, was in the car. Our repeat offender had found his moment to strike. As he sped off in the Ford, he did so only to find a four year old boy, still in his pajamas, sitting in the passenger seat.

The ride of this little boy’s young life began at the behest of a repeat offender, unable to keep himself out of trouble with the Law. Also unable to keep Ryan Stone from harming himself, as well as innocent bystanders, local police were led on a chase down I-25, which runs straight through the middle of the entire state of Colorado. Stone had plenty of road in which to cruise his reported top speeds of 117 MPH.

Wanted on drug charges, and failing to show for his court appearance on March 4, the repeat offender had nothing to lose. A dangerous situation for a four old boy, as a local news station (7NEWS), by then, had a helicopter in the air above the highway. An Amber Alert was issued, with Stone’s picture revealed to the public. What wasn’t fully revealed, however, was that the suspect had a string of charges, since 2003. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Ryan Stone’s criminal record is 11 pages long. Including weapons possession, assault and drug charges.

With the helicopter and police in pursuit, Stone drove through a ditch and proceeded eastbound, onto highway 76. He then decided to collide with a reported “gold van” and he was able to get the driver of this vehicle to stop. Stone pulled the driver from the vehicle, leaving four year old Allen in his terrified mother’s car. The suspect, our repeat offender, flipped the second stolen car around and began speeding west on the eastbound side of I-76.

Having switched the chase again in a new direction, clipping and nearly colliding head-on with other drivers, dodging and evading police stop sticks, Stone inevitably crashed the gold van a few times. He also ran down and struck an officer. But he kept going. Again, this time heading south, while speeding through an intersection he leveled into another victim — an unidentified woman in a silver BMW. This unsuspecting lady was pulled from her car and left reaching for the door as the suspect again sped off.

While in the third stolen vehicle, Stone, the repeat offender, was winding down in his dangerously futile attempt to escape the judicial system with which he so imperiously discarded with each offense. With the police finally closing in and disabling the third stolen car, this troubled man was now on foot. Slipping on a patch of ice, losing his shirt, he ran to the side of the road. There was a fence. He couldn’t climb it. He was then tackled and apprehended by police, leaving in his wake a traumatized mother and a four year old boy, countless horrified motorists, and a police officer in the hospital. The officer is expected to be fine.

According to a New York Daily, on Tuesday night, Ryan Stone was stopped in a stolen car, in Longmont. It was reported that his girlfriend was driving that vehicle. Why was he not then taken into custody? For a repeat offender is only given the opportunity to run amok so many times before he is finally arrested and properly put behind bars. The motorists and victims of this man’s criminality might be left scratching their heads. Hopefully he will not be able to hurt any more people with his ongoing ability to commit crimes, and the state’s ongoing inability to keep him from doing so.

By Bryan William Myers


The Denver Post


Daily News

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