Richard Linklater’s 12 Years In-The-Making Film ‘Boyhood’ Has Release Date

Richard LinklaterRichard Linklater’s long awaited film project is finally finished. Auteur filmmaker Richard Linklater has spent the last twelve years making a film entitled Boyhood and it has at long last been given a July release date. Boyhood is certainly one of the most interesting films ever attempted and so far has generated fantastic reviews wherever it has been shown. IFC Films announced that Boyhood will open in theaters July 11, 2014.

Boyhood began filming back in 2002. The film follows a typical family and their life experiences over a twelve year period. The incredible ambitious film stars frequent Linklater collaborator Ethan Hawke as well as Patricia Arquette.  At the heart of the film is a young boy named Mason. Mason grows up in right before the audience’s eyes as he travels through the emotional and difficult years from childhood into becoming a young adult. Ellar Coltrane plays the character of Mason all the way from age five up to eighteen. Richard Linklater’s twelve year in the making undertaking on Boyhood has finally announced a release date for this summer.

Richard Linklater continues to be one of the most interesting American filmmakers working today. Getting his big break with the ultra low budget indie film Slacker, Linklater has carved out a unique path the bounces between more mainstream studio flicks and ground-breaking, artistically challenging independent art-house films. While the auteur’s biggest success came from pairing with Jack Black and a group of incredible talented children in the 2003 comedy School Of Rock, the Texas born filmmaker has found critical success with most every one of his releases.

Linklater was most recently nominated for an Best Adapted Screenplay Academy award for the third part in his decade spanning romantic drama ‘Before’ series entitled Before Midnight. Linklater has also released two feature films that made completely utilizing rotoscoping animation with 2001’s philosophical Waking Life as well as the 2006 paranoia drama A Scanner Darkly based upon the novel by Phillip K. Dick. Linklater can also be held partielly responsible for Matthew McConaughey’s recent career revival as he directed the actor to his first well received performance in years in the dark comedy Bernie.

Richard Linklater is also responsible for one of the most beloved cult films to come out of the 1990s with 93’s Dazed And Confused featuring a very young McConaughey. The prolific writer/director continues to grow and adapt his love of talking head filmmaking into bigger, more ambitious feature films.

Boyhood has already been a big hit in the few select locations the film has played. Boyhood has its world debut at this past year’s Sundance film festival and recently, Richard Linklater won the award for Best Director award at the Berlin International Film Festival. Shot in short bursts from 2002 to 2013, Boyhood is a one of kind film that has quite simply never been attempted before.

While the film may not be a mainstream hit when its opens on its July 11th release date, Richard Linklater’s twelve years in-the-making Boyhood is certain to be a cinematic experience unlike any ever seen before. The film is expected to be given a limited release this summer.

By Benjamin Murray



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