Rob Ford Has Kids Saying the Darndest Things

Rob Ford
According to the National Post, Rob Ford has kids saying the darndest things. The Post has published letters the paper had received from children and it is amazing just exactly what some of them have to say about the Mayor of Toronto.

The Mayor arrived in Los Angeles to attend the Oscars and then appear live on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show. It is no secret that Ford has been the brunt of jokes for every comedian out there and Kimmel ended up being the lucky one who actually got the headlining Mayor as a guest. The show had many people shocked due to the fact that Ford did not seem to be a “guest” at all but rather the object of a roast.

The letter’s published came from students in grade seven at Windfields Junior high School in Toronto. Marco Copto wrote, “Rob Ford got bullied and mocked on Monday.  Honestly, I think the Mayor deserved it.” The student continued explaining how Ford was the worst thing that could have happened to Toronto. “He drinks too much and might be a crack addict.” Copto writes and goes on to explain how the student could not go to a lot of camps last summer because of budget cuts. The pupil says that Ford has turned Toronto into a joke, referring to all the pictures that Kimmel showed of Fords partying ways.

Hailey Clinton, another student in the same grade, wrote, “…Rob Ford sets a very bad example for children and is a very big disgrace in Toronto.” Clinton continues how the Mayor has become the laughing-stock of the world and that even though Ford put Toronto on the map, the Torontonian official did so, in a bad way. In Clinton’s hopeful opinion, Ford should not be elected again but until then, Torontonians only choice is to put up with the Mayors shenanigans. It proves that Rob Fords behaviour is not just stirring up emotions in adults but has kids even saying the darndest things.

In a letter from pupil Jared Lai Thom of Windfields Junior High School in Toronto comes a touching account of the events that occurred on Jimmy Kimmel Live which aired Sunday, March 2. Lai Thom wrote that even though Jimmy Kimmel did a good job on insulting Ford, it wasn’t a very nice thing to do. “It hurt Mr. Ford’s feelings.”  The pupil adds that how even the comedians followers believe the late-night host went too far. Lai Thom continues, “I think that Mr. Kimmel was rude and treated Mr. Ford poorly.” The young students letter ends by saying, “Mr. Ford should not go on any more talk shows, to avoid getting bullied like that again.”

Even though the Mayor of Toronto has stated before that he is no celebrity, seventh grader Daniel Weisberg wrote, “I noticed that Rob Ford seems to think that he is a celebrity.  I can’t prove him wrong, but I think he should pull himself together.” The student ends by suggesting that Ford should “stop fooling around on shows and start solving Toronto’s problems.”

Rob Ford’s questionable behaviour has kids saying the darndest things. Proving that his actions are effecting all citizens of Toronto no matter what the age. Something the frolicking Mayor should think about.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


National Post

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