Rob Ford to Walk Oscars Red Carpet

Rob Ford
It’s official!  Rob Ford is going to the Oscars which means the attention grabbing Mayor is most likely going to walk the Red Carpet. It was just days ago the Mayor stated that he wasn’t a celebrity and didn’t like being referred to as such.

“I’m an average, hard-working guy,” the jovial mayor said, continuing that he goes to work everyday, gives family and spousal support and enjoys playing with the children.  A lot to take in from a man who has been constantly ridiculed for drunkenness, smoking crack cocaine and displaying incoherent rants on just about every news outlet in the world.

Ford and brother, Councillor Doug Ford, said to the Ford Nation viewers on YouTube that the offers to appear on late-night talk shows were consistently pouring in.  “They’re doing everything they can, calling me every night, and you something?” the Councillor said. “We might go on one of them these days.”

Considering that Ford has given ample material to be poked at and made the centre of hilarious skits, the Mayor of Denial is taking it all in fun. “If the late-night shows want to make fun of me, that’s their job.” said Ford. “Let ’em make fun of me.”  Days after the two brothers dropped the hint about appearing on a late-night talk show, it was confirmed when the troubled Mayor landed at LAX airport in Los Angeles. The smiling Ford was greeted by Jimmy Kimmel himself, who was dressed as a limousine driver. All the while tweeting the adventure to followers, “At LAX with @Jimmykimmel and @TOMayorFord. #Toronto #LA #wow.”

Though Ford says that out of all the late-night comedic hosts, Jimmy Kimmel is the mayor’s favorite. One has to wonder if maybe Kimmel was just the one who brought the goods.

Ford told the Toronto Sun, “I’m going to the Oscars. It’s going to be fun.” The news came early Saturday about the plans to attend the Oscars, though no Oscar appearances have been confirmed from anyone on the mayor’s camp. The red carpet is a main event at the Oscar ceremonies and certainly, the fame seeking Rob Ford, is going to want to suck every last paparazzi moment the Academy Awards and Jimmy Kimmel Live have to offer.

Tanya Kim, the Etalk correspondent, had asked Kimmel if the comedian was planning to escort Ford to the big event. “Absolutely,” Kimmel said. “Wherever he wants to go.” Kimmel is the one talk show host that tears into Fords antics the most. That, and the viral hoaxes the comic is known for creating. The most famous is the video of a woman twerking against a door while doing a handstand. Someone opens the closed door, sending the twerker to fall over, knock over a lit candle, and causing the woman’s pants to catch fire. This all leaves excited anticipation of what is to transpire tonight at the Oscars and on Kimmels show which airs after the big award show.

One thing for certain is that all cameras will be poised to capture the Mayors behaviour at the award ceremony and the pre-parties the politician is most likely to attend.  Live shows are always a fan favorite because anything could happen. Tonight could just go down as the most scandalous Oscar show ever now that Rob Ford, of Toronto, will most likely walk the red carpet.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


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