Robin Roberts Will Judge Dance Moves on Dancing With the Stars

Robin Roberts, one of the hosts of Good Morning America, will be the first judge for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Good Morning America made the announcement on Tuesday that Roberts will be judging the dance moves of contestants next Monday. Roberts said on Good Morning America on Tuesday that she was nervous but that people have to step outside their comfort zone. She also said she thinks she is going to take the perspective of viewers who watch at home. She tweeted that she is nervous but excited to be a guest judge on Dancing With The Stars. In her tweet, she also said if anyone has any tips, they should let her know.

Roberts appearance will only boost the already close relationship between Dancing With The Stars and Good Morning America. The ratings for the morning show increases when contestants of the dancing competition are interviewed, which helps it compete with the Today show. Aside from having Robin Roberts judge dance moves, the producers of the show have made other changes to halt low ratings. The 18th season will include different contestants being paired up and a voting system to accompany the switch. For one week, a professional dancer will be paired up with a different celebrity. ABC said in a press release that viewers can vote for their match on Twitter by tweeting #DWTS and the first names of their choice. For example, if a viewer wants to pair Meryl Davis, a celebrity, with Derek Hough, a professional dancer, they can tweet #DWTS Meryl Derek. ABC will add a page explaining how to vote. Viewers can vote as many times as they want and they have until Monday March 31 at 11:59 p.m. to pick their choice. The new pairings will be announced on Monday April 7.

RobertsConrad Green, the executive producer of the show, said that it is always a question that superfans of the show have which is how much is the celebrity good because they have a partner. Green says that another questions superfans have is how much is it because the partner is good themselves. He also says that it is a very good test for the stars, how good they really are at dancing. Green says it is also a good test for the show’s professional dancers. Tom Bergeron, the host, commented on the possible dynamics of having a new partner when he said that if he was a professional dancer, suddenly got a new partner and knew he would have his old partner next week, then he wondered if he would choreograph to the best of his ability while he was with the other person.

Another change to the show is a revamped voting system that allows viewers to have the final say. This season, eliminations will come from both viewer votes and judges scores from the current week. This means that the pair who will be eliminated has already been decided before the contestants dance the next week but they will not know it. Green says that effectively they will know who is going home by Tuesday morning. He says that what will happen is that every couple will compete the next week but one of these couples will be carrying the black mark with them. Green says that there is not much they can do about it.

Robin Roberts will be the first celebrity judge on Dancing With The Stars on Monday. She will not be the only guest judge on the show, after it was confirmed that Ricky Martin, Julianne Hough and Redfoo from LFMAO will also be judging dance moves as guest judges. The show has also changed voting for contestants and pair ups as well as adding the challenge of paring different celebrities with professional dancers. The co-hosts have also been changed from Brooke Burke to Erin Andrews.

By Jordan Bonte


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