Robin Thicke Can He Croon Paula Patton Back

ThickeBlue-eyed soul singer Robin Thicke pursues a wistful quest to croon his way back into Paula Patton’s heart. The relationship between Thicke and Patton was such a rare exceptional love story in the entertainment business. High school sweethearts turned Hollywood power couple have ended their 20-plus year relationship, nine of which were in matrimony that has spawned a four year-old son. The flame Thicke is carrying for his wife Patton has not the least bit dimmed following the wake of their separation. However, there have been inside rumors that Thicke is afflicted with a wandering eye and a flirtatious disposition.

It is highly theorized that the event that lead to the split was the August 2013 MTV VMAs, the salacious performance of Thicke and pop singer Miley Cyrus was laced with simulated sexual acts that could easily be classified as soft-core porn. It was Cyrus who received the brunt of all the media scrutiny and the public animosity of the on-stage antics that took place during the performance, while Thicke was safeguarded from any incendiary reactions. However, it did not quarantine him from his wife’s wrath when she felt insulted and embarrassed by the dance number and to add salt to the wound there was a photo that went viral of Thicke’s hand on another woman’s bottom during a VMA after party. Since then, the calamitous night of the VMAs has left irreparable damage to the relationship resulting in aftershocks; a public separation, removed wedding bands, an impending divorce and a unilateral hopeful reconciliation. Celebrity onlookers are waiting on the sidelines to see if Robin Thicke can croon his way back into Paula Patton’s heart.

Thicke has not been coy or discreet about his intentions of regaining Patton’s love and trust. On Friday, in concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, in between song sets he made oblique commentaries about his current circumstances with his wife by giving sentimental discourses on true love, faithfulness and forgiveness. Since the split both have been communicating with each in a friendly manner which is necessary for the sake of their toddler son. However, the on-stage manifestos of love and loyalty have not made an impact on Patton. She is impressed by his attentive manner towards their son and she is open to giving him another chance. As of late, there is discussion about what Thicke can do to persuade Patton that the marriage can be saved.

Both Thicke and Patton have stated that the separation was a joint decision but its obvious of Thicke’s actions that Patton wanted the breakup more than he did. The “Blurred Lines” singer has to elect the option of staying faithful to a woman who has been at his side for more than twenty years before the top-selling records and fame. He can also choose to revel in the debauchery of the celebrity lifestyle of parties and female sycophants who will sleep with any man with a famous name. A marriage in the spotlight is always an ongoing process and Robin Thicke will have to do more than croon heart-felt songs to gain back his childhood sweetheart, Paula Patton.

By Isriya Kendrick


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