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Samsung has currently been on the wave of new technology lately, and just recently they have launched the Samsung Milk Music. This new application has been classified as Samsung’s version of iTunes Radio. However, just like the Samsung handheld devices it has a lot of interesting features. This application streams music stations just like Pandora, IHeart Radio, and Spotify. It provides the listener with many different options such as, custom stations, specialized tuners, and 13 million songs to choose from. Samsung Milk Music is powered by Slacker Radio, which has implemented a unique way of storing genera-based tracks. It comes equipped with a fascinating wheel jogger similar to old FM dials. The dial is especially made to scan through the different stations just like an actual radio. Therefore, the user can search songs, artist, and genera, rapidly.

All in all a user can download Samsung Milk Music and, become acclimated to it fairly quickly. This music application is designed to be very user-friendly. It would take the average kid about 10 minutes and the average mom maybe an hour to get it down pack. That is excellent compared to some of the more intricate applications found in the Google Play store.

However, outside of how user-friendly this application is there are some drawbacks. This application allows users to stream all music and customize for free. However, users cannot purchase any songs. Although, Daren Tsui says it is in the plans that does not benefit the users now. Another disadvantage to having this application is you can only cache music for offline uses everything else requires Wi-Fi. Lastly, it is only available to the United States and specific Samsung phones. Nevertheless, no application is perfect there is just a need for users to know exactly what to expect.

The Samsung Milk Music contains some very key features that bring it a step ahead of the rest.

Jog Wheel -The jogger wheel on this Samsung application allows for easy toggling between all the initial features. (Wide range station selection, specific station selection, and custom station selection)

3 Faders – Another noteworthy function this device has is the ability to fine-tune the music selection. There are 3 faders on this application that completely optimizes the customization process. (Fader 1: fade left or right for popular or less popular songs, fader 2: fade left or right for newer songs or older songs, fader 3: fader left or right for how often it should play the favorites)

6 Skips – This is a common feature throughout most stream application. It allows the user to skip though songs they do not like 6 times. Then they can go to another station and get an additional 6 skips. Furthermore, the skips refresh on the previous stations after an hour.

Samsung has released Milk Music into a very competitive segment of the market.  The radio streaming market has been over saturated with many different variations of the same concept. That makes one ask the question how do they compete, and how do they differentiate themselves? The obvious way for Samsung to compete is to create a radio streaming application like the others and follow their successful format. Their brand will get them recognized without the added stressor of additional marketing funding. Then after the concept has ben actualized figure out how to capitalize on the competitor’s weaknesses.

Samsung Milk Music will be a hit or miss based upon the user, but like every free application it is worth a try.  After all, it still has some pretty nifty features. Plus, users can have the privilege of saying Samsung is the only ones that have it. Perhaps what appears to be a downfall could actually be a selling point.

Commentary by Schelett Rickenbacker

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