Samsung’s Objection to Showing a Patent Video With Apple Devices Overruled


An objection which was filed by Samsung Electronics’ legal team, claiming juries should not be shown a new patent video which shows apple products while explaining to jury members how patents work, has been overruled by a US District Judge. The ruling comes during a dispute that has gone to trial between Apple and Samsung.

The video, which was not made by Apple but by a South Korean organization, is called “The Patent Process: An Overview for Jurors.” The company who made the video say that it does not suggest overtly that all of Apple’s products are advancements in technology and therefore patentable and only shows their gadgets at a minimum. The video was produced for the Federal Judicial Center so that jury members could be introduced into the patent system. The video was also uploaded to YouTube last year in November.

Samsung raised their objection on Friday to the FLC, claiming that the video shows many Apple products being used and that this video will therefore compromise a jury’s perception of the current case before them between Apple and Samsung. They offered a recommendation, saying that the jury be shown a video made back in 2008 which does not feature any of the gadgets or merchandise that is a part of this patent dispute.  This video was used for a previous patent dispute trial between the companies which took place years ago.

The FJC recommended that judges should review the video before deciding whether or not to use the video when they released the video in 2013. One of the most controversial scenes occurs nearly 3 minutes into the video when an iPad and an iPhone are shown along with a brand new laptop. Samsung claims that the video’s narrator claims, during this point of the video that the disclosing of a patent can inspire new inventors to come up with new ideas which would influence the jury to take Apple’s side.

The objection was filed with the Northern District of California’s San Jose division. Samsung also claims that at the least that video clearly suggests that a product with Apple’s logo is patentable.

Judge Lucy H. Koh wrote on Sunday that both parties will bring with them the November 2013 version of the video and will also provide a handout which is referenced in the video to the jury members as a part of their binders.

Apple’s lawsuit states that Samsung has overstepped five of their patents for a total of 10 mobile phones or tablets. Samsung has issued a counterclaim in this dispute which says that Apple is the one who has overstepped and has done it one two of their nine phone or tablet patents. Some of the more widely known phones are up for dispute here including the iPad Four and the Galaxy S3. The trial will proceed on Monday when the two companies will begin jury selection.

View the video below and decide whether Samsung has a case that Apple’s products are shown positively in the new jury video, or whether Judge Koh was right to overrule Samsung’s objection.

By Nick Manai


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