Scandal Gladiator in Trouble Call Olivia Pope

Scandal gladiatorScandal gladiator finds himself in trouble, call Olivia Pope. Harrison Wright from the popular show Scandal was arrested Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Actor Columbus Short was arrested on felony charges stemming from an altercation with a man at a Los Angeles Restaurant.

The altercation took place March 15, 2014 where Short was involved in a disagreement with another patron, a fight ensued and Short allegedly sucker punched the victim rendering him unconscious and breaking his nose. Short was released on $50,000 bail.  If charged, he faces four years in prison. As a gladiator on the hit show Scandal, Short and his team of crisis management experts are responsible for taking care of other people’s scandals under the direction of Olivia Pope, actress Kerry Washington. However this time whether it is life imitating art or art imitating life this Scandal gladiator is in need of crisis management.

Short, 31 and married, was headed for divorce earlier this year.  However his wife dismissed the claim after he was charged with domestic assault and was ordered by the court to stay away from her in February of this year. Short first came on the big screen in 2007 in the movie Stomp the Yard where he played a college freshman pledging a fraternity and was also a choreographer for Brittney Spears. It seems Short can also be a description for his fuse as he seems to a find himself in the midst of a several altercations.

No stranger to legal woes of his own, Scandal gladiator Short had a few run ins with the other side of the law dating back to July 2008. Short was arrested on drunk driving charges, June 2010 he was charged with a felony battery and after pleading no contest was charged of a lesser crime of disturbing the peace. Short was sentenced to three years probation and according to records paid his fines without incident.

Playing the role of a gladiator on Olivia Pope’s team means taking care of clients and their legal troubles. Now it seems Short can probably use the help of his on-screen boss Pope whose clients are among the privileged. It is Pope they call when they are in trouble or need a crime covered or uncovered. Short fits the client description and with his previous run-ins with the law it may not be a slap on the wrist this time. By definition he is the ideal client because he is among the privileged,  he is in trouble and he could really use the help of Pope and the gladiators.

Short’s lawyer could not be reached for comment and no further details regarding the arrest have been made known. Hollywood actors are no stranger to real life dramas as Short and others before him have proven and Hollywood is also known to have their own “fixers” to help celebrities in their times of crisis. The irony is that Short plays a gladiator on television who is called to mitigate damage when someone is in need of  legal help and now he is the one in need of help. Hopefully art really does imitate life and there is a real life Olivia Pope he will be able to call because this Scandal gladiator is in trouble.

Opinion By Debra Pittman


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