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Scott Brown to Begin Building New Senate Campaign

Scott Brown Building New Senate CampaignFormer Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown officially announced his intentions to begin building a new Senate campaign in New Hampshire. There has been speculation for months, that Brown was eyeing a potential run in the state, including the sale of his home in Massachusetts, and the  subsequent move into his summer-house in New Hampshire.

Republicans in the state were relieved for Brown to finally declare his intentions to run, as the uncertainty was starting to become an annoyance for them. Brown made his declaration at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference, to a seemingly supportive crowd who expressed their enthusiasm with plenty of clapping. He went on to mention that he is currently building his exploratory committee, which will enable him to start putting together his staff and raising funds for his campaign.

Scott Brown decided to head off critics of his building a new Senate campaign in New Hampshire by making it clear he was not simply moving into a new state to further his political career. He instead made an emotional appeal, recalling fond memories of summers spent with his grandparents in the city of Rye. No doubt many will perceive this as an attempt to show that he truly has a reason to care about the state, but it will be hard to shake the feeling that his motives may not entirely be pure.

Many  of the Republicans in New Hampshire are still unsure of what to make of former Sen. Brown. He seems to say all of the right things, taking on the Affordable Care Act during his announcement speech, and attempting to find other ways to connect with the Right. Former Sen. Bob Smith is not convinced that Brown is a good fit for New Hampshire, especially because of his adherence to a moderate political stance. Smith believes that Brown is closer to being a Democrat than a true, traditional conservative, due to his differing views on abortion, gun control, and the fact that he supported Romney’s healthcare bill during his time in Massachusetts.

Given his track record and stances on the issues, it could be safe to say that Brown is simply another establishment Republican, a Democrat in disguise. The American people have been making it clear that smooth talking career politicians of both parties are soon to find their heads on the chopping block, and the last thing the country needs is more of the same old, same old.

Politicians like Brown tend to spend most of their time talking about issues, which is important, but what voters, especially young people, want more than anything, is a candidate that stands on principle.  Anyone needing evidence of this trend need only look at the rising popularity of Senators Rand Paul, R-Ky and Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Both have a reputation for standing firmly for the principles they believe in, and those principles happen to be shared by many in the Tea Party movement. Having the Tea Party vote is going to be critical for Republican candidates to win races during the November midterms. There is very little worry about Paul or Cruz caving to pressure applied by Democrats in Congress, but the same cannot necessarily be said about Brown.

Unfortunately, the true intentions of Scott Brown building a new Senate campaign can only be discovered after the election is over, and at that point, it might be too late.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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