ScrewAttack Bought by Full Screen Becomes ScrewAttack Network

ScrewAttack purchased by Fullscreen becomes ScrewAttack Network

Gaming content producers ScrewAttack have been purchased by Fullscreen, one of the largest networks of videoes on the web. This buyout has changed ScrewAttack into the ScrewAttack Network and as such will leave ScrewAttack to continue doing exactly what they’ve been doing for years, making great video game content.

ScrewAttack is a group that focuses on gaming culture and all things video games. They know video games and love to share that information. Fullscreen is a network concerned with keeping our generation connected through the creation and sharing of videos. Fullscreen is not a small operation, across their entire multichannel operation they have a total of more than three billion views every month. They have continued to grow handsomely since their creation in early 2011 and will expand more with this new addition.

So what does this really mean? It means ScrewAttack is still the same group of people doing what they do, but now they have the financial support to do it even better. It also means that they are no longer called ScrewAttack, now they are the ScrewAttack Network. However, they are not the only participants in the ScrewAttack Network. Since Fullscreen owns ScrewAttack and other gaming channels it is likely the name ScrewAttack Network will bind together more channels to create a bigger selection of gaming focused videos; good news for everybody.

“We want to better the gaming community, we always have.”

-Craig Skistimas

Craig Skistimas and the entire team are very happy about the change, they are so secure that nothing will change that they waited a month to spread the news. Has anything changed with ScrewAttack in the last month? No, which goes to show that this new move will allow ScrewAttack to continue doing what they’ve been doing. To demonstrate that, Fullscreen is on board with this new transition, check out this introduction video from ScrewAttack.

Alongside that video, ScrewAttack also ran a live Q and A session for their viewers. If you would like to see how the team feels about the change while answering questions follow the link at the bottom to go to The session lasted more than an hour and a half and is full of what you can expect in the future.

With more funding how will ScrewAttack change? In their Q and A session they were happy to announce that with the financial backup of Fullscreen they would soon be working on their mobile site, which they previously lacked the resources for. This also means that future endeavors by the team have the possibility to be more extravagant and actually possible now.

ScrewAttack is now apart of the ScrewAttack Network headed under Fullscreen. Fans need not worry because they will still be in charge of doing everything they do, but with more financial support and a new name. According to Craig Skistimas, head of ScrewAttack, this was something the whole team felt comfortable with. This move looks to benefit all parties, especially fans of video games. One small step for mankind, one big step for bringing together a world of gamers.


By Garrett Jutte
Sources – ScrewAttack Q and A

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