Seattle News Helicopter Crashes Killing Two People

Seattle News Helicopter Crashes Killing Two People

A Seattle, Washington news helicopter crashed and ended up killing two people Tuesday morning not far from the city’s iconic Space Needle. One other person was injured. The two that died were on-board and the individual hurt was on the ground, stated both police and fire officials. It appears that the chopper fell to the street when it attempted to fly from a helipad which was located on the top of a local television news station, a Seattle fire department spokesperson explained to news reporters.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene and discovered the two inside had perished, while occupants of three different automobiles which had caught on fire in the street after the crash were able to get out of their vehicles, but one was believed to be in critical condition.

Seattle’s own television station KOMO, explained that the news helicopter was one of their aircraft. One of their reporters wrote on his Twitter page that one of their helicopters had crashed and it appeared that the horrible event had taken the lives of colleagues which were on board.

The crash that left fiery helicopter fuel gushing down the street, happened on a road that was very to the Space Needle, in a popular visitor area that also has a museum for children and a science center.

After the fire was put out, the burnt automobiles stayed in the street. They were all covered with fire retardant froth. The emergency responders erected a tent over the burnt chopper wreckage with the two dead individuals still inside. The aircraft’s tail had been thrown numerous yards away.

Ed Murray, Seattle’s mayor, was meeting with relatives of one of the deceased. However, the identities of the two deceased persons have yet to be made public.

One witness stated that she was moving toward a bus and was glancing at her cell phone when she happened to look up and saw the helicopter. She watched as it slammed into an automobile and then erupted into flames. Next she said a she noticed a man who was consumed in flames get out of a car and was waving his arms back and forth as he ran. She added that she had seen many things in her time but she had never seen anything like that before.

The man who got out of his car was rushed to a local hospital where it was discovered that he had burns over half of his body and was listed as being in critical condition, Seattle police stated. They also said that he was hanging on to life.

A woman who was able to walk from a second car that had erupted in flames was able to make it to one of the Seattle police stations and appeared to be in fairly good shape. Witnesses explained to emergency responders that there was a pickup truck which had been burned but the driver of that had also walked away in what appeared to be good shape. It was later reported on Twitter that this person was uninjured as well.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration plans on investigating the crash stated a Seattle police spokesperson. The city shut down the Seattle Monorail, because it runs close to the crash scene and also closed a downtown shopping mall.

A Seattle, Washington news helicopter crashed and ended up killing two people Tuesday morning not far from the city’s iconic Space Needle.

By Kimberly Ruble


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