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Grammy Award winning singer Shakira has a new clause in her contract. It simply states no boys allowed. According to, her interview with Billboard Magazine her boyfriend forbids her to have male co-stars in her videos. Shakira was quoted as saying he is territorial. The soccer star Gerald Pique has made things clear about how she has to clean up her act. Ordinarily making a decision to not allow men on in her videos could be risky, but she replaced it with girl on girl.  She was reported as saying Pique would not let anybody graze her thigh but Rihanna. Shakira is of course referring to her hit video Can’t Remember to Forget You.

Some fans may be wondering if the Latin bombshell is okay with all the sudden changes. Shakira would not have it any other way she finds it quite endearing that he cares that much. She looks at it like Pique is protecting his turf, and values her as a woman. Therefore, fans can say so long to the Shakira of the past those videos are just a distant memory now. However, with the male element out of the picture she can find more creative ways to do music videos. In this new transitional phase in her life it was time for some much needed adjustments.

Shakira is a mom now, and with that comes greater responsibility for the multi-platinum singer. Pique her boyfriend of 3 years is just trying to ensure she represents herself right. Shakira is such talent that this no boys allowed clause will not affect he career at all. When she decided to do spicy love scenes with Rihanna 2 millions fans tuned in within a matter of hours. Maybe Shakira has found a new way to express her sexy side. She told Billboard Magazine what she could not do with men she can do with women.

Her protective boyfriend has undoubtedly got a clamp on the eye candy usually parading around Shakira’s set. Nevertheless, it was not clear how he feels about male collaborations? With an upcoming album March 25th, and a very successful career fans want to know. Shakira gave them an answer by recording a country duet with fellow Voice coach Black Sheldon. Apparently, it is just the physical aspect that Pique is not a fan of. Thus, fans can rest assure that the no boys allowed only applies to her videos. Look forward to more amazing mash up collaborations for the Latin pop star.

According to, Shakira an upcoming album is not all her fans have to look forward to.  Gerald Pique and Shakira are rumored to be planning a wedding, although details on the extravagant nuptials have not been confirmed. That would the necessary next step since she feels so strongly for him. In her interview recently she said it is real love with no ulterior motives. Shakira followed that up by proclaiming he is just the best guy ever. There is not much Shakira will not do for her longtime love. In her hit single she alludes to robbing, stealing, and killing just to declare she’ll do anything for that boy.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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