Shaq Fu Sequel Will Be Reborn [Video]

 Shaq voice acting for his new Shaq Fu game

Remember that 1995 fighting game featuring Shaquille O’Neal that was so horrible people have dedicated time and resources to finding and destroying all copies? Of course you do. Shaq Fu as it was called, will be getting a second chance as Shaq gathers an elite team to take on the task of rebirthing a  sequel worth of erasing the memory of the previous game.

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn

The entire concept is almost too ridiculous to believe. Professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is aware that his last game Shaq Fu was a dud. Which is why he wants to create a game that will properly keep his legacy alive in the world of video games. If that were the case, it is odd that Shaq would decide not to make a basketball game and instead go back to the hand-to-hand combat that proved uncomplimentary for him in the past.

Regardless, a sequel is in the works. Shaquille O’Neal has gathered a team of individuals that have worked on prestigious games series such as Street Fighter, Duke Nukem, and Alan Wake. This Shaq Fu title will be developed by Big Deez Productions and is using indiegogo to crowdfund the project.

The crowdfunding aspect of the project has a large number of different rewards for donating. Giving the minimum amount will result in a PC copy of the game (as well as other versions if stretch goals are met) while more expensive options include signed sneakers, dinner with Shaq, and even a game of pickup basketball at Shaq’s gym. The stretch goals for the project include new levels, modes, and systems the game will make it to. The project still has 40 days to go but so far has yet to reach even a fifth of their minimum goal.

This Shaq Fu game will not be a one-on-one fighting game like the last, instead it will play more like Double Dragon: Neon, that is to say a modern beat-em-up game. Shaquille O’Neal is excited about the reboot and has gone as far as to say, “the graphics, animation and storyline are definitely going to be top of the line.”

For fans who would like to see the Shaq sequel actually get finished, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is being crowdfunded via Indiegogo. Some are wondering why such a successful individual would need to crowdfund. According to Matt Karch from Big Deez Productions, “it’s a smart move to use crowdfunding to see if the idea is one that people want to see happen…”

Shaquille O'Neal in motion capture suit for Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn

Shaquille O’Neal is looking to recreate his image in video games after the failure of Shaq Fu in 1995. This time, O’Neal has gathered a group of highly skilled individuals looking to succeed where the previous game failed. If you wish to show your support for this title look for the indiegogo link below. Crowdfunding for the Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn will be going on for another 40 days, the project still has a long way to go. It already looks like this Shaq sequel will trump its predecessor, but that still doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be good.


By Garrett Jutte
ABC News