Shelton Connecticut Teen Dies From Gunshots



Kristjan Ndoj, a 15-year-old Shelton, Connecticut teenager, who was critically wounded last Saturday from gunshot wounds inflicted to his head and leg, died Thursday morning, March 20.  The altercation is suspected to have stemmed from death threats Ndoj received regarding a female classmate and friend. The assailant has not yet been identified. The teen had been on life-support since the shooting  at Bridgeport Hospital in Shelton, Conn.

Friends and family have reported that a girl who was friends with Ndoj had warned him that if  he continued to hang out with her, her boyfriend was going to kill him. Prior to the shooting, there were reports of the boyfriend allegedly making threatening remarks regarding Ndoj’s interaction with the girlfriend, saying,”If he hangs out with her, or talks to her anymore, there’s going to be problems,” friend and fellow student Anthony Franco told local reporters. Minutes before the shooting, Ndoj also received a text message from a classmate stating, “My boyfriend is going to kill you,” reported a relative.

The Connecticut teen and a friend were riding bikes to another friend’s house when Ndoj was gunned down by the unknown assailant Saturday in a Shelton neighborhood driveway, an altercation leading to his untimely death. Police believe the shots came from a nearby wooded area, near Agawam Trail, where the boys were riding. The community is stunned and in shock from the pitiless killing of the congenial Shelton High School sophomore. The unknown answers and unsolved investigation have left the community feeling very unsettled.

Ndoj was known to be a good-natured kid who stayed out of trouble. Family attorney, Michael Boynton, says Ndoj will be remembered “as a bright boy with natural athletic ability and wisdom beyond his years.” His family has asked for privacy during this time of grief and has sent out their gratitude to the doctors and police involved.

“We are going at this full-throttle in this investigation,” Shelton police spokesman Lt. Robert Kozlowsky said. The alleged threats are definitely an angle the police force is pursuing, and the case has been classified as a homicide. Kozlowsky says the Shelton police force has also enlisted the help of other law enforcement agencies that are more experienced in homicidal investigations. The police force of Shelton does not deal with cases of this magnitude on a routine basis, and they want to give the community the best possible resources.

Police have provided extra security at the school and high school officials are providing counseling for Shelton, Connecticut teens during their time of grief and confusion over the spontaneous gunshots that led to Ndoj’s death. Students and parents were informed of the death Thursday afternoon. After-school activities were cancelled and a moment of silence was offered in memory of Ndoj. “Obviously, this is a very somber time for Shelton High School, the Shelton Public Schools and the entire Shelton community,” Superintendent of the school system, Freeman Burr, said at a news conference Thursday. The untimely death of the Connecticut teen has left the community inquisitive and bereft. Close acquaintances of Nodj have implemented a fundraising webiste, which has already accrued more than $10,500 from nearly 250 donors over the last two days.

By Stacy Feder


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