Smoke Break in 3rd Grade

smoke break

In elementary schools amidst all the learning the students are always in much need of a break from time to time. There are only a few known breaks in school intended for different purposes. The first break children get is breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of that day, and it allows the kids to relax and prepare themselves before their classes. Further on in the day is Lunch break and Recess, well how about a smoke break. In Sonora Elementary School in Sonora, California, a few 3rd graders decided to take a smoke break.

The outrage of this occurrence has sent shock waves thought the Sonora Elementary staff and student body. In a state that is so liberal with their smoking laws one would think this is not big news. However, to the contrary this story has been sweeping the west coast. With the same headline all over 3rd graders taking a smoke break. smoke breaksmoke breakEveryone knows why adults need a smoke break, but why would two 8-year-olds and a 9-year-old need one? That is a question no one, not even the principal has the smoke breakanswer to. These three kids were caught smoking marijuana out of a pipe by another student.

Once the three 3rd grade kids were caught the school officials contacted the Sonora Police. Then following the polices arrival there was a degree of questions that went on presumably. Sonora police released a statement about the incident, and says there is no word on how the kids obtained the pot to smoke.

One thing is for sure those 3rd graders have not been seen back on campus since being released to their parents last week. According to, the students that reported seeing them being escorted out but not returning.

What should their punishment be? That is the number two question swirling around the community as of now. Some people say suspension and others suggest expulsion. However, most parents believe their punishment is the least of there concern. They figure the most important fact is where did the kids get the pipe and marijuana in the first place.

Right now it is still an ongoing investigation with no current leads. Any response at this current moment would be speculation. Talks of their supplier and future disciplinary actions are up in the air, until the investigation is complete.

There is one thing for sure in this case kids will think twice before they decide to have a smoke break at school. Though, it is not uncommon to hear of kids smoking the average minimum is 12 years of age in the 6th grade. There are not many studies suggesting further information on 8 and 9 years olds in the 3rd grade.

Perhaps there is some good that can come out of this outrageous series of events. The leniency California has with marijuana could quite possibly be adjusted. Making necessary adjustments could make it a bit more difficult for this drug to fall into the wrong hands.

Although, marijuana has its beneficial purposes it is still a carcinogen. Meaning there is still elements in this drug that can be harmful to the body. Furthermore, it has been studies conducted that suggest the over consumption of this drug by children can lower their IQ as adults.

These kids are only in the 3rd grade their brains have not even completely finished growing. This activity could interfere with their natural growth. Therefore, Sonora  should take this current situation and learn from it. Then follow what they learn with preventative measures. The students already have recess and a lunch breaks there is no need for a smoke break.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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