South Africa 2014 Elections Focus on the Democratic Alliance

South Africa DA party

The upcoming elections in May 2014 will mark the fifth democratic election for South Africa and the Democratic Alliance (DA); the official opposition party will continue to fight corruption.

Helen Zille said on Saturday, the DA would be a corruption free government. Investment toward infrastructure to stimulate growth and dependable service delivery to communities is what the DA will deliver for South Africa. Permanent jobs can be created if conditions of the government remain corrupt free and are face lifted to serve the community.

The DA has exposed corruption over the past years by alerting the government to the arms-deal, the oil-gate scandal. The Chancellor House deal with Hitachi Africa and many other shady deals have been brought into the light. The DA party are like titans fighting the corruption within the government and private sector of South Africa.

The government of South Africa is not the only administration that has been exposed to corruption. The rise in corruption within the private sector continues to grow, and the DA will have to focus on both sectors to combat corruption.

Helen Zille said there are many people who declare they will reduce corruption, but it is the same people who are most corrupt. Investment in a strong government will ensure that job creation is maintained. Corruption according the Zille chases away investors and keeps people poor.

While governing the Western Cape for the last five years, there is a tremendous improvement with service deliveries and the proven record that the DA does deliver on the end of corruption and job creation. People speak of creating a better life for all and the DA are actually delivering on their promise.

The DA took decisive steps to recover billions of ZAR spent on building the Cape Town Stadium, ahead of the 2010 World Cup. A civil claim against the construction companies has been lodged. The Competition Commission is alleged to have been involved in tender rigging and price-fixing. The DA admitted they were aware of corrupt issues at the time of construction, but had a deadline to meet the FIFA requirements for the World Cup. The continued drive to recover the money is an honorable action by the DA party in their fight against corruption.

The DA government in the Western Cape has assisted 22,000 entrepreneurs with support and funding. Thousands of new businesses have succeeded to grow and prosper from the corrupt free democratic mandate the DA have implemented.

Zille said that education remained a priority and individuals needed to acquire skills to become independent. The Western Cape use 76 percent of their budget ratio on the poor communities. This means the DA spend almost eight rand of every 10 rand received on delivering services, education, health social services where it is need most.

A quality education is essential, according to Zille and will create the opportunity to obtain a decent job and the proper governance practiced in the Western Cape will be spread to all the other provinces of South Africa.

It is a known fact that the African National Congress (ANC), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) all govern with communist ideology. While the DA and other minority parties within South Africa lean toward a capitalist strategy.

South Africa voted for democracy in 1994, and after 20 years, the urge toward a competent government remains the call for the people of the country. While the majority of people in South Africa remain uninformed of the facts between capitalism and socialism, the leaders of the political parties continue to manifest a perfect government if elected. The DA party of South Africa stay committed to stamp out corruption.

By Laura Oneale


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