‘South Park’ RPG ‘Stick of Truth’ Released Today

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The newest South Park RPG, The Stick of Truth, was released today by multi-national video-game developer and publisher, Ubisoft. South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone invented the RPG game where users play the game as the new kid and the overall objective is to make as many friends as possible.

The storyline for the RPG game was largely influenced by the South Park episode, The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers, an episode where Stan, Cartman and Kyle act out roles inspired by Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship Of The Ring. In the episode, the boys are put on a quest to retrieve a pornographic tape which, unbeknownst to them, was accidentally given to them by Stan’s father, instead of the Peter Jackson movie. The tape was consequently delivered to Butters and then fell into the hands of other characters. After realizing the power of the tape, they decided that it must be returned to the Two Towers video store.

In The Stick of Truth, there are many obstacles for the new kid as he joins forces with Cartman while impending dangers from the U.S. Government, aliens and Nazi zombies threaten the town of South Park. Throughout the game there are various battles to be won and items to be collected while on quests. The completion of the game is highly dependant on strategy, which comes in many forms in the game. For example, in order to defeat villains, the player must learn to master his or her ability to control and unleash deadly farts. Also, extra help from Jesus and Mr.Hankey can be summoned if need be.

Some quests are rather simple, such as bringing goth kids in or defeating Mongolians at City Wok, while others may be more challenging such as delivering a sex toy to Mr. Slave or helping Al Gore. One element in the game that players seem very fond of is that The Stick of Truth contains subtle hints of social commentary so often found in the show. One example is that every character that is not a part of the plot in the game is too busy using their phone to pay any attention to the new kid, which leaves him or her free to roam around the town unsupervised. Also, at one point, the mayor sends the new kid off on a quest to kill off all of the homeless people so that the town can be viewed as a compassionate and caring community.

As for music, some of the songs in the RPG game will be recognized by most avid South Park fans. The Stick of Truth includes songs such as the Sexual Harassment Panda’s theme song, Cartman’s hand singing a song about tacos as Jennifer Lopez, and Let’s Fighting Love from the Anime episode, Good Times With Weapons.

The release of South Park‘s new RPG game has many people excited. The Stick of Truth is said to be made for fans of the show and it is not necessarily meant to attract a new fan base. Reviews have said that if non-South Park fans play the game, they may enjoy it but might find some of the swearing offensive or the jokes repetitive but to the diehard fans, it may be exactly what they are looking for.

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