Stacy Keibler “The Legs of WWE” Got Hitched!

KeiblerStacey Keibler “The Legs of WWE” is apparently now married to her tech entrepreneur boyfriend, Jared Pobre. The couple of seven months got hitched in view of a setting sun on a beach in Mexico this past Saturday. Keibler described the wedding as overwhelming, full of love and bonding, saying in an interview, “It was a blend of romance, tranquility, natural beauty.” The 34-year-old model/actress had recently said in a separate interview, “Marriage is the ultimate bond of love and friendship – Jared is all of this for me.”

Some may remember Keibler last seen on the arm of George Clooney. They seemed all smiles at the time, but unfortunately, that two-year relationship ended this past summer. Keibler and Pobre had apparently been dating since August, but they have been friends for five years. The relationship blossomed quickly after Keibler’s breakup with Clooney.

Keibler had been reported to have said that she was not interested in marriage after her relationship with Clooney ended. She said, “I’m, I think, a little bit different than most women out there.”

Yes, she is. Keibler was strong enough to survive the “Clooney” and find her true love. She used to be a wrestler after all. Known as “The Legs of WWE,” it just shows that a woman can be sexy and strong. This gorgeous blonde actress who people may also remember as being a finalist on Dancing With the Stars has now gotten hitched to her perfect mate. She says of the union, “It means putting all your faith and trust into a person that you can’t help but believe is your soul mate.” Keibler says she holds this belief about love and marriage.

Keibler’s new husband, Pobre, 39, is the CEO of Future Ads, a private interactive firm. He is not an actor. Perhaps not dating another entertainer is what Keibler was after. She had this to say about finding the right person to marry: “Someone who has all of your best interests at heart; someone handpicked for you, to help you grow and be the best person that you can be.”

The couple’s wedding was a private affair, with no photos surfacing. Not yet, anyway. “We both felt strongly that our ‘love day’ should be intimately special, and that’s exactly what it was,” Keibler said in an interview. This is both Keibler and Pobre’s first marriage. She adds, “My happiness is indescribable.”

Keibler is known for her desire to keep her personal life private. This was hard to do when she was dating Oscar-winning actor George Clooney. She said in an interview last year, “It’s really not anyone’s business. A personal life is a personal life.” Keibler and Pobre make quite the couple, and have been seen holding hands and smiling lovingly at each other.

Besides being known as “The Legs of WWE,” and her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Keibler has been seen on TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother, What About Brian, Men at WorkGeorge Lopez, among others. Now that Keibler is happy and hitched, who knows what this multi-talented model/dancer/actress will be up to next.

By Katie Sevigny



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