Survivor of Australian Outback Eats Flies While Lost [Video]


For anyone that has watched TV shows like Survivorman or Man vs. Wild, it may seem like a romantic notion to be trudging through a lush jungle with nothing but a machete and a vile of iodine. Or perhaps many have envisioned themselves as the main character in Crocodile Dundee, journeying through the mysterious and intimidating Australian outback, wrestling alligators and hobnobbing with Aboriginal natives. From the safe comfort of a La-Z-Boy or dark movie theater, it all seems wonderfully adventurous. While not many people have the necessary skills it takes to make such treks, some can’t get enough of actually testing their might in the great outdoors. For German backpacker and survivor, Daniel Dudzisz, flies proved to be some good eats while lost in the real Australian outback.

After being “missing” for about a week in the Queensland area of Australia, an air and land search began, to find Dudzisz. The 26-year-old German (who also happens to be a diabetic) had planned a walking trip from the fairly remote areas of Windorah to Jundah, both regions of the country’s outback. At some point, Dudzisz veered of the beaten path and entered the wilderness where a completely different journey began. His first obstacle occurred after finding himself trapped between two bodies of water for 10 days.

Lost, stuck, and out of food, this amazing survivor of the Australian outback began to actually eat flies for survival. Ultimately, the flooding died down and Dudzisz was able to hitch a ride back to his staring point of Windorah where he actually refused medical treatment. Apparently, such an incidence is like the “buzzing of flies” to a man like Daniel Dudzisz – no pun intended. Moreover, this incredible adventure seeker seems to be a modest man, as well. Although he did agree to one interview with a Queensland paper, he has turned down offers from larger media outlets, such as TV stations.

Dudzisz journey across Australia, in total, has included a trek of 2000 kilometers (over 1000 miles), with this recent episode only accounting for a very small portion of the total traveling. He is rumored to have fought wildlife with his bare hands and drank unsavory water from small pools collected in random spots on his hikes. Daniel Dudzisz is no stranger to spending time in remote areas where most would simply crumble with fear. For example, he spent plenty of time tramping though Southeast Asia as well.

It seems that Dudzisz thrives on the excitement of his dangerous expeditions. What he enjoys the most is “…how much closer nature feels when you… experience it like this…” While it may seem impressive that a man, such as Daniel Dudzisz, can maneuver his way though precarious situations unscathed and undeterred, it’s not something that is appreciated by everyone. By allowing himself to go missing without explanation, valuable search and rescue resources become necessary, which cost time and money. To keep putting himself in these situations, is considered by Australian outback Inspector Mark Henderson to be unhumorous, stating that Dudzisz is not popular: “…out this way now.”

While such sentiments may suggest Daniel abandoning his “walks”. Those close to Dudzisz say he is too determined to live life on his own terms and continue on the way he always has. This notion is especially shocking, considering the man is diabetic and must always carry a enough insulin to survive, regardless of the outside environmental conditions. Supposedly, however, he has now agreed to stay on the main roads while hiking though the country’s rough terrain. Eating flies, for survivor Daniel Dudzisz, seems a fine way for this, once lost, survivor of the Australian outback to endure – if necessary.

By Josh Taub

Brisbane Times
Arizona Daily Star


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