The Bachelor Leaving the Media World on His Terms

The Bachelor

The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, is trying to leave the media on his terms and is creating a storm in the process. He did not propose during his bachelor finale, has not said he loves his chosen lady, Nikki Ferrell, and did not discuss their relationship besides the fact that he is happy. Galavis was very adamant about needing privacy in order to see where the relationship with Ferrell may lead now that The Bachelor has ended he will be free to do so. His interview with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison was tense, and Galavis seemed to be on the defensive. He evaded questions, and did nothing to diminish the tension.

It has been reported that Galavis was upset by the show’s producers for not giving him privacy. Sean Lowe, last season’s bachelor who found love and proposed on his finale, has spoken to the media about Juan Pablo and his need to open up to the fans. Lowe goes on to say that Juan Pablo signed up to have his life in the public, for him to complain about needing certain things private is not justified. He cannot step back on his fans and leave The Bachelor on his terms. According to Lowe, a person should not be on The Bachelor if they are not cut out for the public life. Many other celebrities have taken to social media sites expressing similar sentiments to Lowe, while others were expressing complete disgust towards Galavis’ behaviour.

Harrison has gone on to speak about the finale special, and how uncomfortable Galavis and Ferrell seemed to be. Harrison tells Entertainment Tonight that Galavanis never embraced the public image he signed up for. He snuck away from the cameras for his first kiss with Ferrell, and is reported to have snuck away with Clair as well. During the After the Final Rose special fans and celebrities alike expressed discomfort towards the ‘happy’ couple. Galavanis would not add any details to his relationship with Ferrell; Harrison adds that he felt Ferrell was not allowed to say much. During that uncomfortable interview with the couple Harrison says that he was trying to allow Galavis to reveal more, and potentially redeem himself to The Bachelor fans, but somehow Harrison feels that instead of redemption the more he spoke the worst it got. Galavis has also gone on to say that he was shown as the bad guy, and that producers left many aspects of him off camera. He states that anyone who knows him off camera would vouch and say that he is indeed a good guy.

According to E News the true source of the tension was Dancing with the Stars. Galavis was offered a position on the show 2 weeks prior to The Bachelor finale, but that ABC released him deeming him too risky and unpredictable. During the After the Rose special Harrison asked Galavis about an alleged surprise Galavis planned to share on the finale. When asked, Galavis answered to there being no surprise, leading many to speculate that he was planning on sharing the Dancing with the Stars news on the finale. Juan Pablo may be trying to leave the media on his terms, what he is not realizing is that these terms are not gaining him any public empathy.

Opinion By Dony Lugo


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