The Big Bang Theory Will Join TV Classics With Ten Seasons

The Big Bang Theory

CBS quelled all fan concern today after announcing their plans to extend The Big Bang Theory for another three years. Once this new contract ends the series will be in its tenth season, a longevity rarely achieved on television. To join the ranks of TV classics with ten plus seasons like Friends and Mash is quite an accomplishment, and the cast of The Big Bang Theory are certainly reaping their due rewards.

The three stars of the show, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco each make $350,000 an episode. And apparently, due to the fact that they pull 19 million viewers in each week, they want even more. Each has reportedly asked for a $150,000 an episode raise, and they are the stars of the most popular comedy on TV after all, and the most popular show period for people ages 19-45, so they will most likely get what they ask for on a sterling silver platter.

Who could have ever predicted a niche show about such an obscure and small segment of the population, nerds, would end up being the most popular comedy in the country. Perhaps there are more of them than the unsuspecting public thinks, hiding in labs and libraries, or perhaps in nerd holes all over the U.S. Either way almost 20 million people love to watch The Big Bang Theory, and because of that massive following it not only gets to keep going for ten seasons but also secures an illustrious place among TV classics.

The success of the show is granting the stars more than just a raise, they are everywhere these days. Jim Parsons, who also happens be openly gay, just hosted SNL to rave reviews. Johnny Galecki was recently featured in a very high budget coveted Superbowl commercial for Hyundai. Kaley Cuoco is the recurring star of Toyota’s ongoing ad campaign and did her own Superbowl stint with William Shatner for Priceline. While these are not juicy red carpet roles by any means, they presumably come with a very prolific paycheck and with three more seasons to go, these hot commodity actors are sure to keep getting offers.

Once the show reaches its projected conclusion in 2017, the stars will inevitably start taking more film roles. Shooting up to 24 episodes a year cannot leave much time for other substantial projects. Right now, though, they have nothing to worry about. They have been solidified in stone as a part of one of the most successful shows of all time. The potential $500,000 an episode paycheck does not hurt either.

With seven seasons down, and three more to go, The Big Bang Theory is banking bigger than ever. The cast is burning hot and bright, and so is creator Chuck Lorre, who will now have two shows under his belt with ten plus seasons, the other being Two and a Half Men. The fans can now ward off their nightmares of life post TBBT for at least another three years; good news all around. Now the only remaining challenge is for the show to stay with the quality it has been for the first seven seasons. Regardless, the nation eagerly watches while The Big Bang Theory joins classic TV status with ten sure to be uproarious seasons.

Opinion By Brandon Duringer



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