The Following: Teachers Pet the Joe Carroll Dead Club (Recap/Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

The Following: Teachers Pet the Joe Carroll Dead Club
Within minutes of this episode of The Following: Teachers Pet the list that makes up the we want Joe Carroll dead club has grown by one. Turns out that Claire is not dead and that Mike Weston knew all along. So while Ryan Hardy was torturing himself with alcohol over his guilt, Weston could have stopped it at anytime with the truth.

Another occurrence was Carrie Cooke’s pronouncement that she and Ryan had enjoyed “post traumatic sex” and that she needed to leave before things got weird. Viewers are treated to a flashback where Claire and Ryan are recuperating separately. She is given the chance to disappear via the witness protection program, but Hardy can never know, otherwise her cover could be blown.

There is also a player in this episode that usually haunts the wilds of Georgia as Beth Green, aka Emily Kinney who plays one of the late Micah’s sociopaths that Joe plans to use in his message of terror. More flashbacks are shown which shows how Carroll met his “mentor” Dr. Arthur Strauss, “back in the day.”

Joe calls Hardy after seeing Carrie Cooke’s expose on Dr. Strauss and his connection to the serial killer. Carroll is enraged and Emma actually drags Mandy out of harm’s way when Joe’s temper gets the better of him. Mandy has been learning things about her adopted dad that she’s not comfortable with and she overhears Joe tell Emma to be nice to her as they need supporters. His taking of Micah’s cult has not been too smooth.

In Teachers Pet Joe takes the psychopaths out of their holding cells and sends them out to spread his new message, “no redemption without blood.” One is the girlfriend of Lance who was shot to death last week. Mallory (Emily Kinney) is known by Hardy and the FBI and they track her down only to lose her. In The Following the Joe Carroll death club has increased by one and while losing some of his cult followers, he has managed to increase the number who will kill for him.

While the killers are making the body count rise in Joe’s name, the followers back at the cult’s camp have doubt. After offering the ones who don’t want to take souls the chance to leave, Mandy finds out from Emma that rather than be set free they’ve been put in the psycho cells until their belief in Carroll grows. Both Emma and Mandy have their claws out for one another and it looks like there will be a day of reckoning between them.

Mandy’s concerns grow and the two psychotic survivors of the cult’s first mission come back to be anointed with Carroll’s blood. Meanwhile Claire demands to see Ryan and tells Scott that she is out of the witness protection program. Carrie Cook just cannot keep away from Hardy and it will be interesting to see what Ryan’s reaction will be when he discovers that his former lover is not dead.

In The Following: Teachers Pet the “we want Joe Carroll dead club” is about to grow by one and romance looks to be blooming between crime writer Cook and Ryan. The other Hardy in this show, Max, seems to be attracted to Mike Weston and if Claire gets her wish Ryan will become part of a messy love triangle. By the show’s end, Mandy looks fairly likely to fall out of favor with Joe. Will Emma win out or will Carroll’s “adopted” daughter come between him and his girlfriend.

By Michael Smith