The Following: Unmasked More Surprises

The Following: Unmasked More Surprises
For those who missed the Monday night episode of The Following: Unmasked and will watch the show on its repeat run on Saturday, there are more surprises in store. In keeping with the tradition started in season one of the psychological thriller, this episode is one which takes directions that the viewer will not see coming.

Ryan Hardy is working outside the FBI with all the resources he and his little team need to catch Joe Carroll. Team Hardy are getting close to catching the mole in the FBI who has been aiding Joe since his “death.” Mike Weston and Max Harding share a very uncomfortable moment and Ryan tries to distance himself from true crime writer Carrie Cook.

In the meantime, Carroll is working his usual mojo to take over Micah’s cult. The “mad as a hatter” leader has already murdered some of his own followers and locked his wife Julia up when she complained. Her lack of faith in the leader seems to have sealed her fate and her “second-in-command” position in the cult. Micah is determined, with Joe’s help, to become the next big thing in cult leaders and craves immortality.

With Carroll’s help Micah has made a message for the whole world to see. Joe’s patience is pushed to its limit as the leader cannot remember his lines for the tape that will be delivered via Emma and two members of Micah’s cult. While Micah has enough charisma to get those who are lost to join his “divine” group, he is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. This lack of intelligence, combined with his madness, means that he could well lose control of his cult.

In this episode of The Following: Unmasked seems to be looking further afield for its surprising revelations. Weston, discovers that the FBI leak could be Agent Gina Mendez as her security codes at the federal agency have personal firewalls and her passcode was used six times to access files dealing with Carroll.

When questioned by Ryan, Gina gets angry and then ditches her cell phone and her car and takes a taxi in an effort to keep Hardy and his team from following her. She then goes to question Jana Murphy about her involvement with Joe and realizes that Jana is clearly not “right” in the head.

The show brings back the shocking element missing so far in season two. The emphasis this season has been more about adding more twists and turns than last year. Season one had many moments that had viewers being caught off-guard by surprising events that no one could have foretold. Genuine shocks at what occurs next in a sequence of events that seemed to be heading in one direction that suddenly and swiftly changed into areas of dumbfounded amazement have, until now, been missing.

This season of The Following has felt a little disappointing in the surprise department. More than once, the final result of an issue went exactly as sign posted. Unmasked does indeed take a giant leap back to the shocking instances of season one. Certainly one incident was signposted, but the total surprise of another player in this riveting program came completely out of left field. It really is no surprise that this show has already been approved for another season. The Following: Unmasked can be seen again on Fox at 8 to 9 p.m. on Saturday.

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