The Remarkable Royal Jelly and the Queen Bee

Royal Jelly

The Queen bee is a remarkable insect, and the royal jelly formed from the milky white substance secreted by the glands of the honeybee is the only food they live on. This food contains water, proteins, sugar, fats, amino acids and vitamins. There are variations of its composition depending on the climate and geographic location. The queen bee lives exclusively on the thick substance, and this is the reason for their longevity and impressive size. Queen bees live up to seven years compared to the short seven-week life span of the worker bees.

The queen bee can produce three thousand eggs a day during their fertile time and can continue to do so for up to five years. The vitality and energy of the queen bee is generated by the royal jelly consumed. This royal jelly is not only useful for bees, it also contains a substantial amount of proteins, hormones, minerals and vitamins which are beneficial for humans. Studies undertaken have shown the effectiveness of this compound to prevent asthma, tiredness, anxiety and heart disease. Tests also reveal a link between royal jelly and the reversal of the aging process.

Royalactin, which is the active ingredient of royal jelly, is a single protein responsible for the development of a bee into a queen. This medicinal compound secreted by the bees is a form of nourishment for the entire hive and is a factor in the development of larvae into queen bees. Research shows that it has demonstrated powerful antioxidant capacity and the ability to block cholesterol.

A random trial analysis revealed the effects of royal jelly on glycemic control and oxidative stress factors in type 2 diabetes. The health benefits provided from royal jelly include significant blood sugar lowering agents, a finding that could be useful for diabetic patients. Previous studies revealed royal jelly to be an effective functional food to prevent insulin resistance associated with hypertension and lower blood pressure.

The tremendous health benefits of royal jelly that have been discovered through research are incredible. The only risk is that the decline of the bee colonies around the world could result in the substance becoming rare. The danger of the bees being exposed to chemicals could result in royal jelly and all of its benefits becoming unavailable.

Royal jelly, honey and propolis all have powerful healing benefits. Propolis, collected by honeybees and used for thousands of years by ancient Egyptians for various medication properties, is another benefit of the bee. Natural bee honey is also known to lower plasma glucose, another important characteristic for patients with diabetes.

Bees adapted perfectly to life on this planet, and the small insects take precautions for times when they cannot work to produce honey by storing this key ingredient for their survival. The entire production, from pollination, honey, propolis and royal jelly produced by the worker bee and the queen bee alike has incredible health benefits. As research continues on the value of royal jelly, more medical benefits will be discovered – all thanks to the amazing bee.

By Laura Oneale