The Voice The Battles Continue March 24 (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Battles Continue March 24 (Review & Videos)

On The Voice tonight, the Battles continue! Adam has used up all of his Steals, but Usher still has both of his left. The competition’s heating up hotter than ever, and the competitors know that one slip-up could mean the difference between continuing on in the competition or being sent home.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, recapped last week’s first Battle Rounds. Carson mentioned that the mentors and coaches have been working closely with the competitors, to make sure that they are as ready as they’ll ever be to go face-to-face against their competitors.

The two Team Adam members, Austin Ellis and Josh Kaufman, will battle against each other. They will be singing Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy.” Aloe Blacc, the mentor for Team Adam, said that this might be “the best soul battle he’s ever seen.”

They both sounded great in rehearsals. Aloe asked Josh to have more emotion in his voice, and he told Austin that he has a raspy, singer voice, but he “has to tailor his technique to fit the song.”

Carson introduced the two singers, and the audience got to their feet and applauded them. They were AWESOME! I really like the song “Happy,” and Austin and Josh’s voices blended together and complemented each other perfectly. They had the audience — who stood up for the entire song — clapping along, and they KICKED BUTT! This will be a difficult decision for Adam to make.

Blake: “There was so much energy up there.” He picked Josh as the winner.

Usher: “I would definitely give this round to Josh, but Austin was very good.”

Shakira: “First, Josh grabbed me from the start, but then — Austin was so playful, he drew me in.”

Adam: “Austin, at the end of the day, you overcame so much, you made this an almost equal battle. I’m forced to make a decision — the winner of this battle is…Josh.”

Carson congratulated Josh, and said that Austin was available to be stolen. However, none of the judges hit their buttons to use a Steal on him.

Blake’s first two pairings will be the duo Alaska & Madi Vs. Audra  McLaughlin. They met with their mentor, The Band Perry. The song Blake chose for them is Linda Ronstadt’s version of “When Will I Be Loved.”

I don’t think it’s that fair of a head-to-head, because it’s basically two against one; but, Audra just might pull it off, as she is a great singer, herself. And, with a duo, it just takes one of them to mess both of them up. Blake said that Alaska & Madi will have to perform at their peak to pull off a win.

The Voice went to another commercial break, so we’ll have to wait until it’s over to see how well these performers compete against each other.

The Battle between these performers was ELECTRIC! the audience got on their feet and clapped along as the women sang. Audra did her best to try to make Alaska & Madi seem like background singers, but the duo showed that they had AMAZING voices to equal Audra’s. This was a great song choice for them — this looks like it will be another tough decision, though.

Usher: “Phenomenal! Audra, you held your own against two incredibly good female singers. “

Shakira: “Alaska & Madi, you were terrific! Sometimes your vocals, and Audra’s were over-the-top, though.”

Adam: “Your voice is not as razor-sharp as these two, but you all three should be here.”

Blake: “This is easily the toughest decision I’m going to have to make. I’ll be damned if even now, sitting here, I know what to do.” Blake thought about his decision, and said: “The winner of this Battle is…Audra!” He called it the “toughest decision he’s had to make.”

Carson said that Alaska & Madi were available to be Stolen. I really thought one of the other coaches would use a Steal one them; but, nobody did.

Next up on The Voice after yet more commercials will be two competitors from Team Shakira, singing “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles.

Shakira’s adviser or mentor is Miranda Lambert. Her team members, Aisha Brook (Music Box) will go head-to-head against Deja Hall, 16. The girls sounded really good in rehearsals, though Miranda asked them at one point if they “felt comfortable with their harmonies.”

Shakira told Music Box: “Don’t think; just let it out.” We’ll hear how well they do, but — not until The Voice comes back from another commercial break.

Carson said: “Let the Battle begin!”

Music Box started off the song. When Deja joined in, I think she kind of stepped on the last word Music Box sang. Anyway, after that, they both gave a rock solid performance, and the audience clapped along and cheered in places. They concluded the song very powerfully.

Adam: “I do believe both of you have special qualities and tones. Deja, you’re so YOUNG! ” Adam chose Deja.

Blake: “You’re like Superman — that’s how powerful a singer you are. But, Miss Box, I think you have a unique tone all your own. I’ll go with Music Box.”

Usher: “You both are going to go far.”

Shakira to Music Box: “I wish you would have been more connected to the song. Your disadvantage is that you lack experience, Deja, but you have a powerful voice, and it showed. The winner of this Battle is — Deja!”

Usher hit his button, and used one of his Steals on Music Box! He said: “Your voice is incredible. Everything you learned from Shakira combined with what I teach you, and you’ll go far.”

The next two performers will be from Team Usher; but, first, before we got a chance to hear them, The Voice went to another commercial break. We’ll just have to wait until the commercials are over — ugh!

Team Usher’s adviser/mentor is Jill Scott. Madilyn Paige will be going head-to-head against Tanner James, who left college after one semester to pursue his music career.  They’ll be singing “Everything Has Changed.” Both are from Provost, Utah and went to the same school, but they had never met each other before.

Usher said to Madilyn that he wanted her to project herself. Jill said that she had a fragile voice, like china, and it could break. Tanner said he learned that “really connecting with the song was important.”

They joined each other for their final rehearsal. Usher found that, when he turned them back-to-back, they were able to sing stronger. Jill told them to imagine that they were in a fairy tale, and that they were being pushed towards each other.

Will it be, as Carson says, “the most adorable Battle ever?” After more commercials, when The Voice returns, we’ll find out!

Carson introduced Madilyn Paige first, then Tanner James, and said: “This Battle begins — right now!”

Madilyn began the song. She sounded TERRIFIC — then, Tanner joined her, and they sounded even more AMAZING together! The audience were on their feet the entire song, clapping along. Madilyn and Tanner looked into each other’s eyes as they sang, and they looked as if they were really in love with each other.

Adam: “It was like watching puppies frolicking in a field of wheat. It was like a ‘Cute Overload.’ It was really well done.”

Shakira: “It was so sweet, but yet, so believable. Tanner, your delivery was flawless.”

Blake: “I know for a fact that Madilyn is adorable, but apparently, so is Tanner, but the reaction of the women in the audience. I’ll go with Madilyn.”

Usher: “Tanner, you’re like a heart-throb right now. I was really caught up in your performance. Madilyn, there’s a playful, yet energetic lady inside you. I hope it will come out. the winner of this Battle is – – Madilyn Paige.”

Carson reminded the judges that Tanner was available to be Stolen. However, none of the judges used a Steal on him. Christina said she had only one Steal left, and she had her “eyes on someone.”

Next, Adam’s team members Dawn & Hawkes and Josh Murley will be battling head-to-head. Adam said he heard a lot of Bob Dylan and John Lennon in his voice. the song he gave them to sing was “Stuck in the Middle with You.”

Adam said that he wanted the performers to sing cool, loose, like they’re “sloppy and drunk.” Adam told Josh that the guitar will help, so he “doesn’t look like the Third Wheel here.”

Aloe said that Josh needed to open his eyes up more, to attract the attention of the audience. Coming up on The Voice, we’ll hear how well they perform against each other.

Blake: “That was a really solid performance. It makes it a hard decision, because they were both pitch-perfect. Dawn’s the prettiest, so I guess I’d go with Dawn & Hawkes.”

Usher: “I’d give this performance to Josh.”

Shakira: “Great choice of song. I’ve never heard it before in my life. This was a feel-good performance, and I just enjoyed it.”

Adam: “It was meant for me to see how you guys would handle this on your own. You both did a great job. The winner of this Battle is — Dawn & Hawkes.” He said that he went with them because they had “a connection with each other.”

Carson reminded the judges that Josh was up to be Stolen — and, right at the end, Shakira used her last Steal!

Adam:”Shakira, I love you so much!”He really liked how Josh did, but he could only select one of the two that he had go head-to-head against each other. Now, Josh will get to continue on in the competition, and remain alive — maybe until the very end — on The Voice.

The final Battle of the night will be Tess Boyer Vs. Bria Kelly, 18, from Team Usher. They enjoyed meeting with Jill Scott. The song they’ll be singing is the Janis Joplin song, “Piece of My Heart.’

Jill said that “Tess has a lot of work to do. Bria is a rocket inf light.”

Usher: “It’s about living in this unapologetic space that is…vulnerable.” The final rehearsal sounded much better, though Usher told Tess to “get lost in it; go as far as you can.”

Janis Joplin was such a powerful singer, that it will be difficult for either of the two women to do the song justice. We’ll hear how they do on The Voice, right after another commercial break.

Carson recapped how the Battles went so far tonight. He said only one of these two women, Tess or Bria, will remain on Team Usher.

Both of the singers began at the same time. They were UBER AWESOME! I really love this Joplin song, and both Tess and Bria sang their hearts out, unleashing their Inner Joplins. They were freakin’ incredible, IMHO! The audience gave them a standing ovation.

Shakira: “That was AWESOME first of all. I think it was equally matched.”

Adam: “As far as ability, there’s something about Bria, and I’m so terrified of Team Usher right now.”

Blake: “I think Tess took it, myself.’

Usher: “The winner of this Battle is — Bria Kelly!” He said that the thought that Bria “connected more with the song” than did Tess.

Carson reminded the judges that Tess was available to be Stolen. Blake hit his button and Stole her! WOO-HOO! Tess said: “I’m on Cloud 9 and shaking so bad!”

Tomorrow night, it’s the final night in the Battle Round on The Voice. the only judge who has a Steal left is Usher. Who will he decide to use it on?

There were more great performances on The Voice tonight. My favorites include the first Battle, that of Austin Ellis Vs. Josh Kaufman singing “Happy,” the match-up of the duo Alaska & Madi Vs. Audra  McLaughlin performing “When Will I Be Loved,” and Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly’s Battle Round, when they went head-to-head singing the Janis Joplin song, “Piece of My Heart.” Please tell me what your favorite Battles of the night were in the Comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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