The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue March 10 (Review)

The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue March 10 (Review & Videos)

The Voice (NBC) tonight continues with the Blind Audition stage of the season.  The three judges are getting closer to building their teams, so they are likely to be more particular this week, and only turn their chairs for the performers that they think are the best of the best. It’s sure to be another great episode of The Voice, full of awesome music!

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, recapped what happened last week. Shakira has 9 competitors on her team, as does Usher, while both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have 7 people each on their teams.  Adam and Blake need 5 more people to complete their teams, while Usher and Shakira need three each.

Carson said that this is the final week of the Blind Auditions. Kat Perkins, 33, is the first competitor to try her luck tonight she started out singing country music, then switched to rock, and even opened up for Bon Jovi. After she got divorced, she later became a nanny. She wants to show the kids she’s a nanny for that anyone can go for his/her dreams.

The song she sings is “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac (originally sung by Stevie Nicks). She NAILS it! I LOVE this song, and Shakira and Adam turn simultaneously. Usher turns around, as well. She got a standing ovation from the three judges who turned around.

Usher: “You’re really incredible for many reasons. You started the performance off and drew me in.”

Adam: “That was unbelievable!”

Shakira: “I loved you from the first note.”

Kat has to choose which judge  she wants to be a team member on, and she picks Adam. She said that Adam seemed “so determined to get the ‘rocking chick’.”

The Voice went to its first commercial break of the night. If Kat continues on with performances like she gave tonight, she will be difficult to beat.

Carson introduced the next artist of the night,  Gabi Ramirez. He says that he “comes from a soccer family,” and that his dad wanted him to pursue soccer, but he had sung for some weddings, and he wanted to have a career in music. He sings “The A Team.” He starts the song off sort of low-key, but he sounds really good. The audience clapped and cheered for him, but none of the judges turned their chairs for him.

Adam: “You have to live these moments like they’re your last. Don’t be afraid; go for it.”

The next person to sing on The Voice is Paula  Deanda. “It has been a long road,” she says. She wrote the song “Too Much” and opened for Rihanna. The song she chooses to sing is  “The Way.”  She does a great job singing — Blake hits his button and turns his chair around, as does Shakira.  She hit a really high note towards the end, but nobody else turned his/her chair.

She says that she is from San Antonio, Texas, and Blake says that he “has family in San Antonio, Texas.”

“I choose — Blake!” Blake says that he’s really impressed with Paula, and he likes how she can sing falsetto.

After another commercial break, Jake Barker, 28, is up next. He works tending a bar, and does live music gigs.  He sings  “When I Was Your Man.” He shows off his wide vocal range and powerful pipes; Usher turns his chair around — towards the end, Adam turned his chair, then Shakira followed suit.

Jake said that it was his first time he ever sang in front of anyone.

Usher: “I will support you in whatever you want to do. I see you as one of the greatest voices on my team.”

Shakira: “These guys are Alpha Dogs. You need to align yourself with me. I need someone like you.’

He said: “I think I’m going to have to take — Usher.” He said backstage that he’s so excited to work with Usher. Usher also chose Tess Boyer, who sang “Wings,” while Adam picked up Josh Murley who sang “The Freshman,” and Austin Ellis who sang “Drift Away.”

“I like how you were lost in the passion of it, ” Blake said when he heard Cali Tucker sing “Black Velvet.” She is the niece of Tanya Tucker,  and she chose to be a member of Team Blake.

Then,  Luke Cooper is featured. He used to do drugs, but he decided that being a good father to his son was more important. He said that what he liked about The Voice was no matter how old  or banged up you are, you had the chance to make it big. He sings “Radioactive,” by Imagine Dragons. Shakira really digs it, and sings along with him. The audience cheers as he sings — but nobody has turned his/her chair yet. He doesn’t get any of the judges to turn.

Blake: “Shakira was playing some serious air drums. For me, there was so much of singing in your head, your nasal area. But, you’re a good singer, man.”

Ria Eaton, 19, is the next performer on The Voice. Her mom is her manager. She relates that her dad lost his job five years ago, then her mom lost her studio and they lost their house. She now works piercing ears at a local mall.

“To be able to give back to o my mom would mean everything,” she tells Carson. “To have this opportunity now, it’s unreal,” she adds. She sings “Cups (When I’m Gone)” and ROCKS IT OUT! The audience claps along as she sings, and — both Shakira and Blake turn their chairs right at the end!

Usher: “What is your name?”

Ria: “Ria.”

Blake: “I think you opened up right at the end when you didn’t think anyone was going to choose you. There’s no reason for me to go on and on about the fact that I have won this competition many times.”

Shakira: “You’re like a pearl in an oyster. If you pick me, I’ll jerk it out. I’ll take that shell and pry it open, and polish that pearl and show the world what  a jewel you are.”

Rhea said “I really have to go with my heart on this one. I’m going to have to pick Blake.”

Blake: “I love your voice. This is going to be amazing.”

Adam: “There was a lot in there that I liked, but it was masked by — some things.”

Usher: “What you got to some of the bigger notes, I thought about turning around. It’s not over; you can get there.”

A bit later, Usher said: “Maybe I am picky. But, I only have one slot left.”

The Voice comes back from another commercial break, and features  Cierra Mickens. She had the intentions of going to law school, but didn’t She works for her dad in Alaska as an Administrative Assistant. She says there’s nowhere in Alaska to pursue music on the scale that she wants. She says that this is her one big opportunity to do what she’s always wanted to do. Cierra Mickens sings  “Crazy” by Cee Lo Green. Shakira is the first to tun, then Blake turns his chair. Right at the end, Usher also turns his chair.

Blake: “What is the matter with you? That was too late! That was at the end of the song! Illegal motion!”

Shakira goes right up to Cierra and hugs her and talks to her face-to-face.

Blake: “I’m calling a Technical Foul.”

Blake: “Your voice keeps getting stronger and stronger.”

Adam sat on the arm of Blake’s chair, prompting Blake to say: “Get away from me!”

Cierra has a difficult decision to make. She utters the words “I pick –” but then, The Voice goes to another commercial break.

Back from the commercial break, Cierra chooses Shakira! Shakira gets up out of her chair again, and walks up and gives Cierra another big hug.

Cierra calls Shakira “so genuine.” That’s the first artist of the night that Shakira has landed.

Tyler Montgomery performs next on The Voice. He has a raspy, high voice. Carson talks with him, and Tyler relates that his parents split up when he was younger. Then, his father’s house caught on fire, and his dad died in the blaze. He works in a used car dealership, but he taught himself to play the guitar, and he wants to pursue a musical career.

Tyler sings the Stevie Wonder hit song  “I Wish.” He sings in a very high voice, but it fits this sort of song very well. He does a FANTASTIC job singing it — none of the judges turn their chair, though.

Blake: “That wasn’t you. That wasn’t you!” Blake kept on saying — he thought it was a woman singing!

Adam: “Come back. I think that the right song could really do it for you.”

Then, The Voice goes to yet another commercial break.

Usher has just one more spot to fill on his team. He is trying to hold out for the one person he thinks will help his team win season six of The Voice.

A singing duo performs next. If they don’t make it on The Voice, they say that they will split up. They want to be recording artists, and they’re best friends; but, Alaska & Madi will split up if things don’t work out for them tonight. They choose to sing  “Barton Hollow.”

Adam turns around right away! They are AWESOME! Blake turns his chair around soon after. This duo might be the best act of the night so far, though I liked “Gold Dust Woman” at the start of the show.

They tell Usher that they are from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They met in a competition called Oklahoma Kids maybe American Kids; one source online says that it’s American Kids). Blake knows all about the competition of course. He tells them that he was in it when he was younger and he won it.

Adam: “You guys were so dynamic and confident.”

The duo choose Blake! This, despite Adam repeatedly telling them “Please! Please!”

Adam said that the girl duo and Blake might as well be cousins, and said jokingly: “I quit!”

Blake tells them “it was meant to be.”

Ddandyl is a lounge singer, but she says “it’s definitely not what I want to do forever.” she says that this opportunity would open so many doors, and make her dreams come true. She sings  “Stand By Me.”  Shakira turns her chair around right away.

She WAILS on this song! She has a very powerful, emotion-packed voice. I am surprised that none of the other judges turned their chairs around.

Shakira: “I love the air in your voice, the quality in it. our voice is very different from any other of the voices I’ve listened to so far.”

Usher: “I think that Shakira will be an incredible coach for you.”

The coaches are getting more and more particular now. They need to fill out their teams, but each judge wants to get that one or two extra people who might make the difference between their team winning or another judge’s team winning it all.

Josh Kaufman, 38, is the last performer of the night on The Voice. He tutors on the side at night and says “money’s a little tight.” He chose to sing “One More Try” by George Michael for his Blind Audition song.

Immediately, Adam turned his chair around — then, Blake did, also. He has a very COOL voice, and sang the CRAP out of this song. Shakira then turned her chair around, as well — and, so did Usher! He’s the first act of the night on The Voice to get all four coaches to turn their chairs!

Adam: “Damn! That was Bad-Ass! That as unbelievable!”

Blake: “That was incredible! What kind of music do you see yourself doing?”

He said “Soul.”

Usher said that Soul music is the basis for all of the others.

Shakira: “People want real, They don’t want gimmicks. You’re real;  you’re the artist I’ve been waiting for.”

Josh said “I pick — Adam!” Adam got out of his chair, and siad “I’m so excited!” He said that Josh could be the one to win it all. Usher said that he “hopes Josh can surpass Adam’s ego.”

Each coach now needs just one more artist to complete his/her team. They will round out their teams tomorrow night on The Voice.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Voice? I thought that there were some excellent performances, and I tried searching on YouTube for videos to post here, but nobody had posted any there yet.

Some of my favorite performances of the night on The Voice included Kat Perkins’ version of “Gold Dust Woman,” Josh Kaufman’s rendition of “One More Try,” Ddandyl singing “Stand By Me,” and Alaska and Madi singing “Barton Hollow,” though there were other really great performances, as well. Which ones did you like the most? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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