The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue March 11 (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue March 11 (Review & Videos)

The Voice tonight will just be an hour long, but it’s sure to be one of the best episodes yet this season, as the four coaches/judges seek to fill the one remaining spot open on each of their teams! It’s the final episode of The Blind Auditions portion of Season Six of The Voice, and Blake Shelton, Shakira, Usher, and Adam Levine will be pickier than ever, trying to get just the right match for their teams to make them the ultimate winning team.

To start The Voice, the host, Carson Daly, says that the coaches “are deadlocked with 11 artists.” They each need to get one more to complete their teams. Blake says after the show, he’s “going fishin’.”

The first competitor up on The Voice is Joe Trombino. He said that a year ago, he moved in with his grandmother, who had a stroke. He says he’s 33, and “it’s now or never.” The song he sings for his Blind Audition is “Love and Happiness.” Adam says: “He’s too behind the beat.” He has a pretty cool voice, kind of gritty, though he can hit the high notes, too. He didn’t get anyone to turn around.

Adam: “There was a lot of good going on. But, you were really behind the beat.”

Usher: “When you went to the higher registers, that was really you. I’d say continue to go with that.”

Adam said that he’s still “waiting, for that intangible. And I’m impatient.” He’ll have to wait, though, a bit longer, as The Voice went to its first commercial break of the night.

Kaleigh Glanton, 24, is the second competitor of The Voice. She is living with her dad, who shares her passion for music and playing the guitar. She also enjoys weightlifting, of all hobbies. She says she “will pursue music with all my heart.”

Kaleigh sings “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” Adam hits his button and turns his chair right off the bat! Kaleigh has an AWESOMe voice, and she displayed her wide vocal range with this song. Shakira turned, then Blake, and at the end of the song, so did Usher, making it four-for-four!

Adam: “The moments that were great were really, really great. So, welcome to Team Adam!”

Shakira: “I love your voice! It’s so quirky! I’m quirky, you’re quirky; so, let’s quirk up!”

Blake: “You already have a style; now, you need a spotlight. I’m the guy who can put you in that spotlight.”

Kaleigh: “I absolutely agree with Adam. My performance skills do need work. I’m going to pick — Blake!”

Blake did a little dance in front of Adam, taunting him. Adam told him “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!”

Blake said “My job coaching isn’t about trying to force anyone to do anything.” He wants them to discover who they are, and to just continue to become better doing what they already are doing.

The third competitor on The Voice tonight is Brittnee Camelle, 23. She said that “if this happens for me tonight, I’ll lose my scholarship. But, it’s worth the risk.”

Brittnee sings “Skyscraper” as her Blind Audition song. She has a BEAUTIFUL voice! The audience cheered as she sang — she KICKED BUTT with this song. Usher was the first coach to turn around. Then she cranked her voice up a few notches more, and right at the end, Shakira also turned her chair around.

Usher: “You’re willing to take risks. And, that’s what it takes to be on my team.”

Shakira: “You need to have everything under control. You need to get to the top of this competition, and I’ll help you do that.”

Usher: “With a female, you never get a voice in, at all.” He got a dig at Shakira, who continuously interrupted him as he tried to speak.

Usher: “I really want to take you as far as you can go, not only on The Voice, but in your career.” She has a difficult choice to make, but we won’t hear which team she decided to go with until after another commercial break on The Voice.

Brittnee said: “I want to pick — Usher!” I though for sure that she would pick Shakira. Wow. Well, now Team Blake and Team Usher’s teams are both filled. There are only two more available spots to be filled, one on Adam’s team and one on Shakira’s.

Beau Thomas, 27, is the next competitor to perform on The Voice. He met the girl of his dreams, and they had twins. Bo said he needs this to help support his family, long-term. He will be singing “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaFontaine.

The women in the audience screamed as soon as he began to sing. He has a smooth, pretty cool voice. However, none of the remaining two judges turn their chairs for him.

Adam: “You seem to be very optimistic.”

Beau: “How can I be sad?”

Adam: “The rest of the people who audition for us could learn a lot from you.”

Usher: “The only suggestion I would say is to add even more grit to your voice.”

Shakira: “At this point, I have to find someone really, really special to turn my chair.”

The next artist to sing on The Voice is Lindsay Bruce. She loves to sing country music. She said that her uncle, who worked in the second (south) tower of the World Trade Center, died on 9/11.

Lindsay will be singing “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” She has a husky, sexy-sounding voice. Adam turned his chair around fairly quickly. The audience clapped along as she sang. Then, Shakira turned her chair around, also.

Adam: “You really did a stunning job of maintaining your control.”

Shakira: “You have this quick vibrato, which I also have.”

Usher suggested to Lindsay that she go with Shakira. Shakira said she has Miranda Lambert’s number, and she could call her for suggestions.

Lindsay said: “I’m going to go with…the girl.” I guess she didn’t even know Shakira’s name, but…Shakira’s “unique team of 12,” as Carson called it, is now complete. There’s only one spot left to be filled, now — on Team Adam.

After another commercial break, Adam said he has to focus on keeping his team the best one. He heard a few singers, but none of them were ones that he turned around on.

Caleb Elder, who works in a donut shop, sings next on The Voice. He said he already had learned how to play some instruments, but then taught himself others, like the Harmonica and bass guitar. “I would love seeing Adam turn around for me,” he says. Maybe he’ll get his chance tonight.

Caleb starts off strong, singing “Groove Me.” A few notes is all that it takes — Caleb gets Adam to turn his chair around. He finishes singing the song, though — he has a CRAZY AMAZING voice. There’s some great bass lines on this song, also, if he take a listen to it.

Adam: “Our relationship started 10 seconds after you began singing. I was feelin’ it.”

Adam asks him if he plays music for a living; Adam tells him he works in a donut shop.

Now, all of the teams are filled on The Voice. Caleb says that Adam Levine has been a HUGE influence on him. Next week, the Battle Rounds start, and the competitors will be going head-to-head against each other!

Season Six on The Voice is just starting to HEAT UP, and much more great music is on the way, beginning next week. Who do you think will survive the Battle Rounds? Be sure to watch Monday night’s episode of The Voice, and then come back here to read my Recap/Review of The Voice!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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