The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue (Review & Videos)

On The Voice tonight, the Blind Auditions part of the season continues. Blake has just two people on his team so far, and Shakira, Usher, and Adam Levine will be trying to complete their own teams. One thing’s for sure — like always, we will definitely hear some great (and not-so-great) performances tonight on The Voice!

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the episode by recapping the first two show of this season from last week. Adam and Usher now have 4 singers each, while Shakira has three.

Ryan Whyte Maloney, 33, is the first performer on The Voice. He is a garbage man, but would like to have a career in music, instead. Carson shows Ryan his two girls on a smartphone, wishing him luck and saying that they love him. He says he wants to be a better dad, but to do so, he hopes to get his big break tonight.

He sang  “Lights,” by Journey and immediately, Blake turns his chair, and then Shakira and Adam. Ryan has a sweet, melodious voice, and a lot of vocal range. At the end of the song, Usher turns his chair around, also, making it four-for-four.

Usher: “I thought about turning my chair around earlier, but I wanted to see if you would continue to work for the turn.”

Adam: “There’s one guy that you reminded me so much about, and that’s Steve Perry.”

Blake: “I don’t think that you sound anything like Steve Perry. You sound like no one else I’ve heard before. I think you’re a stud, a completely unique stud who sounds like nobody else.”

Shakira: “We’re a match made in Heaven, and I think we should be together.”

Ryan ends up choosing to be on Team Blake.

The next person featured on The Voice is  DeShawn Washington, 23.  He says: “The Voice could change completely everything for me and my family. Everything’s definitely going to change today..”

DeShawn sang “Twistin’ the Night Away.” He did an AWESOME job singing this standard. It took awhile, but Shakira eventually pushed her button and turned her chair around. She was the only one to do so.

Blake: “He was so good!”

Usher: “Yeah, I’m so stupid.”

Blake: “Shakira got you! Damn!”

Usher: “I’m so disappointed in myself.”

Shakira got up and walked over to DeShawn and gave him a big hug. Then, DeShawn went over and met the other judges, Carson said what’s coming up on The Voice, and the show went to another commercial break.

Carson, in L.A., talks to Sam Behymer, nanny of two kids, who also hopes to make it big on The Voice. She has one day, one chance, she says, to change her whole life. She sings “Royals.”

SUPER JOB! Adam turns his chair right away. Then, Usher turns his not long after. She has a strong, powerful, cool voice.

Adam asks her what her name is, and she tells him Sam.

Adam: “You are a breath of fresh air today. There were issues, and they need to be worked out, but I want you.”

Usher: “That’s a very unique tone. It’s quirky, but it fits you. Individuality is my speciality.”

Blake: “Usher is really winning this one.”

Adam: “I honestly don’t think you sound like anyone. I want to be your coach.”

Sam finally chooses her coach — it’s Adam!

Back from break, we see a few competitors who were turned down by the coaches, though Usher has kind words for them, and tells them to come back next year.

Then, a competitor plays the piano and talks with Carson — he’s a musician, but also a comedian.  He plays the guitar and performs the Beyonce song, “Love On Top.” He looks somewhat like Leonardo DiCaprio, and he has a very different, very cool-sounding voice. No judges turned their chairs!

Adam: “You’re crazy-good.”

Shakira: “Outstanding guitar!”

Blake: “I missed on there, and it was my fault. There were some imperfections, but is that any reason why I didn’t turn my chair?”

Usher: “Next time, chose a record which best represents you as an artist.”

Next up are the identical twins with beards, the Brothers Walker. The said that they met Johnny Cash and opened his TV show when they were younger.  They chose to sing “Keep Me in Mind.”

They’re pretty darn good, and their voices meld very well together.The audience clapped along as they sang. Finally, right at the end, Usher turned his chair around.

Adam: “What a second! What the hell is going on? Are you twins, or just really good friends?”

Blake: “You sounded great, but I’m not totally convinced you’re a country artist.”

Usher: “I don’t know country music, but what I do know is quality.” They walked over and shook hands with Usher, their new coach.

Then Clarissa Serna, who works for her parents doing office work, is featured. She says she started playing at different venues around town when she was 1 years old. She will be singing “Zombies” by The Cranberries.

Shakira and usher seem to really like it, as does Adam. Adam is the first one to turn his chair around. Then Shakira, who also started to sing along, turned her chair, and  Blake turned his chair. At the very end, so did Usher! She made it four-for-four!

“This is a dream come true!” she said.

Blake: “You just beat me down with your voice! It was awesome:

Shakira: “I want to be your coach!”

Usher: “I really want to be your coach, too!”

Adam: “It was very 90’s, in a really great way. I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the entire thing.”

Shakira tells her that she is a better strategist, like Alexander the Great, rather than like Hannibal, meaning the other judges.

Clarissa Serna says: “I love you all — ” and then, The Voice takes another commercial break. Clarissa tells the judges that she loves them all, but she decides upon being on Team Shakira!

Next, we see Lindsey go to Team Shakira, and Josh Howard goes to Team Adam. Tanner James was selected by Usher.

Robert Lee, 29, who lives in Alabama and works for the post office, is featured. He says he plays gigs four nights a week. He got married at 20, but the marriage only lasted two years. He has a daughter from the marriage, and now he’s married to a different woman, and his wife is expecting twins.

Robert Lee sings the song “The Weight” by The Band. He sings really, really well, but no judges turn their chair around for him.

Blake: “I wanted to see you open up. It was too much of a nasal sound for me.”

Adam: “You have a great voice, dude! It’s just a technical thing.”

Usher: “You remind me of a Rob Thomas.”

Melissa Jimenez, a part of her father’s band, is the next competitor on The Voice. She says she has been signed by a record label before, but it didn’t work out. Her family is there to support her, and she says this is the chance she has been waiting for.

From her first notes singing the Alicia Keyes song “If I Ain’t Got You,” the audience cheered and clapped. She has an AMAZING voice, really butt-kicking. work out. Both Shakira and Usher turned at almost the same time.

Usher: “She’s gorgeous, just beautiful.”

Usher:  “The fact that you chose that song is great. I know Alicia Keyes, who sang that song originally.”

Shakira: “You have to be unstoppable.”

She picked Usher — she says she’s been a huge fan of his, and says that she would like to be a female version of Usher.

Blake has only scored one singer up until now for his team this episode, while Usher, Adam, and Shakira have had multiple team members join their teams.

Patrick Thomson  is up next on The Voice. He says “You can take any material thing away from me, but you can’t take away my music.” He sings “Can’t You See” with a cool raspy quality to his voice. Blake turns his chair around, then Adam turns his chair around.

Blake: “I want the world to know I like you.”

Adam: “I did not find a solid direction about you, but that’s a good thing.”

Usher then ganged up against Blake, advocating that he ought to choose Team Adam.

Patrick decides to choose Adam! Adam knows he has given Blake a major burn with that selection, as he beat Blake out!

Adam said to Blake: “Hey, Blake — how does your butt feel, because I just whipped it!”

We see a few more competitors after another commercial break who are not selected by the judges.

Then, Allison Bray, 17, sings. she says she’s from a conservative family. She sings “Where the Boys Are” by Connie Francis.  She WAILS! Her voice is powerful, and she NAILS this song — but, none of the judges turned their chairs around, sadly.

Adam: “What a nice, refreshing song. It was so close — refine what you’re doing just a little bit. You are so close, in so many ways.”

Shakira: “During the last ten seconds, I realized how amazing you are, and how amazing you can be.”

Blake: “Just tweak your voice a little bit, and you’ll not only make it on this show, you will be a threat.”

Carson recaps which of the competitors was landed by each of hte coaches. The ninth and final artist to perform is Sisaundra Lewis. She picked fruit when she was young, and she sang in church.

She says that her career really expanded when she moved to Atlanta and met Celine Dion. She got to travel around the world on tour with her. Carson had Celine Dion on his smartphone, and he showed Sisaundra the pop diva, Celine, on his screen, wishing her luck, saying “You go, girl!”

The song Sisaundra chose to sing was  “Ain’t No Way.” Shakira turned her chair right away, then Adam followed suit. Sisaundra also WAILED! Blake then turned his chair around. She hit an uber high note at the end, and Usher became the fourth judge to turn his chair around!

Blake: “What’s your name?”

She tells him, and Blake says: “I would buy your record if it came out tomorrow.”

Adam: “As great as that was, I don’t think it was your best. I can’t wait to hear your best come out.”

Blake: “We all want to win, and be the best at whatever we do. I want to help you do that.’

Usher: “That is one of my favorite songs ever. You gave it your all. There is an opportunity for growth.”

Shakira: “These guys don’t know how to take care of you. I’m good with girls.”

Adam: “So am I.”

Usher asks her who she’s going to pick, and Sisaundra says that her heart is leading her to say BLAKE!

Huh? What? Maybe she’ll shine with Blake, but I think it’s a somewhat strange choice that she made — but, Blake is known to be a winning coach….

Blake picked up two singers during The Blind Auditions Continue episode of The Voice tonight. Adam burned him once, but despite the fact that Adam won with Tessanne Chin last season, Blake has a pretty great previous track record, having won all of the other three seasons of The Voice.

Shakira and Usher, of course, also want their chance to win it all, and they are developing strong teams of their own. It’s still early on in the season, but who do you think is putting together the best team so far? Please leave your comments below, and watch The Voice with me tomorrow night, and come back here to read my recap/review of tomorrow night’s episode!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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