The Walking Dead Alone (Review)

The Walking Dead Alone (Review)

The Walking Dead (AMC) Alone episode focused on the characters of Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. At the start of the episode, we saw Bob walking in a wooded area standing with a machete while zombies walked behind him. He is managing to survive, like the other characters we’ve seen in the episodes of the second half of season four, despite the odds against him.

In a flashback, a car pulled up with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) in it. They question Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.).

Daryl asks him the three questions: “How many walkers have you killed?”

Bob: “A couple of dozen.”

Daryl: “How many people have you killed?”

Bob: “One.”

Daryl: “Why?” Bob: “Because he asked me to.”

They ride off together in the car. Back from the break, the three people, Maggie, Sasha (who had been a firefighter), and Bob, are in the fog, with zombies attacking them. They fight against the zombies, but one of them falls on top of Maggie. He gets shot in the head by Sasha.

The Walking Dead Alone (Review) Then, we see Daryl and Beth, tracking something — Beth tells him: “I’m getting good at this. Pretty soon, I won’t need you at all.” Is this possibly a foreshadowing that they will get split up later in this episode?

Beth falls, with her foot caught in an animal trap, as a walker heads towards her. She shoots it with an arrow from Daryl’s crossbow, but it doesn’t slow the zombie down. Daryl has to come to her rescue, dispatching the zombie.

Back with Bob, Sasha and Maggie, the fog has cleared. Daryl gives Beth a piggyback ride. Beth tells him “There are still good people, Daryl.” He doesn’t seem as sure about that as she does.

“I don’t think the good ones survive,” he tells her.

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) see the sign about Terminus that says “Those Who Arrive Survive.” Bob tells the two women that it’s the best lead they’ve had so far, and reasons that everyone else who sees the sign will think that Terminus is a good place to meet up.

Back from a commercial break, Daryl and Beth are checking out a funeral parlor and clearing it of walkers. They see a dead body in a coffin; it has not arisen; it is a walker that someone put out of its misery. There are more like it in funeral parlor.  Beth tells Daryl that someone must have wanted the walkers to have funerals, someone who remembered how things used to be, and she says: “Isn’t that beautiful?”

The Walking Dead Alone (Review) Bob and Sasha talk, and Sasha says: “We get warnings. And the next time, it’s on us. We’ve got six bullets, and you’re still bleeding. Those tracks go through town.” They want to talk Maggie (Lauren Cohan) into going to Terminus, I suppose.

Daryl and Beth search through the cupboards of the house, and see pigs feet and peanut butter, among other things. There’s a piano in the morgue, and Beth plays a song and sings along to it.

Dary has rigged the funeral parlor up, and he says: “The place is nailed up tight.” He lies down in a coffin and calls it the most comfortable place he’s laid down in over a year. “I ain’t kidding,” he tells Beth. He asks her to keep playing the piano and singing.

Back in the forest, Sasha and Bob talk. Maggie has gone ahead of them, and Bob tells Sasha: “We can still catch up to her.”

Maggie is following the railroad tracks, alone. She comes to another sign about Terminus, and sees a walker approaching her. She easily dispatches it, stabbing it in the head with her knife. For some reason, she then rips into its abdomen, spilling its intestines out.

Sasha: “If you’re happy to be alive, why are we walking into the Heart of Darkness?”

Bob tells her about having been in two groups previously, and he’s somehow the only one who’s survived. They come to the Terminus sign Maggie had been at not long ago.

Daryl carries Beth and then a white dog is at the door of the house. He runs off, apparently scared.

Bob and Sasha hear walkers in the nighttime, and they sit up and talk. Sasha says “Maybe he’s stuck on something,” as they’ve heard him for the last hour or so.

“Bob, what the hell are we doing out here?” she asks him.

Bob: “If Tyreese were alive, he’d go for Terminus.” He adds that she’s the “Toughest person he’s ever met,”and she’s “also the sweetest.”

Daryl and Beth eat some of the food they found, and daryl tells her “Maybe we should stick around here for awhile. Maybe we’ll be alright.”

Beth asks him what made him change his mind about the possibility that some of their group might still be alive. He doesn’t answer her. A CRAPLOAD of walkers bust into their house, and Daryl and Beth have no choice but to run. With a dead body on a table blocking the walkers, Daryl somehow escapes — but Beth is no longer with him. She speeds off in a car, and Daryl chases after it, hollering her name; she must not be able to hear him, though, and she tears off on her own, or — maybe somebody grabbed her, and set Beth and Daryl up for some reason. Many people are suggesting that it was an elaborate trap, and perhaps it was — but, why?

Bob and Sasha again — Bob tells Sasha: “If we keep up this pace, we can catch up to her.”

Daryl, on his own, must try to use all of his tracking skills to locate Beth. There are more than one choices as to which direction she could heave gone in, though. Daryl stops close to the railroad tracks and sits down.

Bob tells Sasha that Maggie is off on her own, alone; so, they must keep on trying to find her, and heading to Terminus. He tells Sasha she needs to stop being afraid.

Bob: “So this is it.”

Sasha: “It doesn’t have to be.” They kiss each other.

Sasha then tells him that he doesn’t have to do it, that “you don’t have to be alone again.” He takes off on his own, though, down the railroad tracks.

Sasha, alone now, enters a house and walks up the stairs to the second floor. She takes off her backpack, and looks like she regrets her decision that they split up. She looks out a window — the glass falls out, luring zombies which try to get her, though she runs away and gets out of the building. More commercials ensue….

Back from break, Sasha is up on a truck, stabbing down at zombies, She has company — Maggie is now with her, and they slaughter a mess of walkers.

After they have dispatched the walkers that had surrounded them, Maggie asks Sasha where Bob is, and she tells her that he’s looking for her. Maggie tells her she needs Sasha’s help, and asks her to go to Terminus with her.

Sasha: “Let’s go get Bob. Let’s get there.”

As Daryl is sitting on the ground, military types come up on him and surround him. Daryl knocks one of them down, and points his bow at the man.

He tells Daryl: “Suicide is stupid. Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people? The name’s Joe.”

Daryl: “Daryl.”

At least for now, they have made an alliance. In the closing moments of this episode of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Sasha meet up with Bob on the railroad tracks, and they continue on together.

We see Glenn at the very end, also looking at the Terminus map. Perhaps they will all meet in the next episode, or soon after.

The Walking Dead episode, Alone, is about the separation that certain group members experience, the sense of being suddenly alone. Some are alone by choice; but, Daryl is alone because either Beth took off on her own, thinking that Daryl was doomed, or she was kidnapped.

There were a lot of walkers taken out in this episode of The Walking Dead. The sanctuary and salvation  that is tantalizingly promised the survivors who see signs and maps referring to Terminus will, I have little doubt, prove not to be the utopia that it is made out to be. What did you think of this episode of The Walking Dead? Did you like it, love it, dislike it, or hate it? Will Bob and Sasha develop even more of a love interest between them? What will happen to Beth — who has taken her? Will Daryl kill everyone in the group he’s now become a part of, and escape?

Are Sergeant Abraham and the rest of his entourage with Glenn, as he is checking out the Terminus sign? If so, will he convince them to delay their journey to Washington D.C. and head towards Terminus? Do you think that Terminus will be a please of milk and honey, or perhaps a nightmarish place where the survivors will face even worse problems? Please leave your comments about this episode of The Walking Dead below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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