The Walking Dead Still (Review)

The Walking Dead Still (Review)

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead is Still. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) are the two characters focused upon, and it will be interesting to see what happens to them. Season Four of The Walking Dead has been pretty great so far. I’m wondering if any of the characters will make it to the mysterious town of Terminus tonight.

The Walking Dead began with scenes of a car that was wrecked on a highway somewhere. What caused the wreck isn’t explained, but something or someone tore the door off of it.

Daryl and Beth make their entrance in Still by running out of the woods, pursued by zombies. It’s been the subject of many rumors, the question of if Daryl and Beth will have a romantic relationship — maybe we will find out if they do later in this episode of The Walking Dead, or future episodes.

Beth tries to hot wire the car while Daryl stands watch. The duo barely have time to hide themselves in the trunk of the car before a horde of zombies appears, and roam about, as Daryl and Beth peek out through the lid of the trunk. It’s fastened in place only by a ziptie. They hide there until the morning, and we see a closeup of Daryl’s crossbow, still in his hands, glistening in the morning sunlight.  The Walking Dead Still (Review)

The Walking Dead Still episode is about survival, and doing whatever it takes to continue on despite being in the midst of living their lives during a zombie apocalypse. In that, the episode is much like all of the other episodes; but, the plot and the acting is what makes each episode of The Walking Dead so special, intense, and fun to watch.

Daryl and Beth start walking down the road, the dawn of the morning apparently causing it to be temporarily zombie-less.Daryl uses his tracking skills to mark their trail, and Beth uses a headlight and kindling to start a fire. Daryl kills a huge rattlesnake, which he skins, and the pair feasts on the snake’s meat.

Beth: “I need a drink.”

Daryl tosses her a bottle of water, but she says “This isn’t alcohol.” She seems like she could use a stiff drink. Daryl ignores her, and continues eating the portion of the snake has has in his hands.

Beth is off on her own, behind a tree, and zombies approach her. She has her knife at the ready, just in case, but they walk by. Daryl is suddenly there, also, with his crossbow ready, but it’s not needed as the zombies have passed by. Beth is pissed off at Daryl for being so controlling, it seems, and she tells him she’s going to “get a damn drink.”

The Walking Dead Still (Review)

In the middle of a golf course, the pair see a turned-over golf cart, and more roaming zombies. Then, they approach a house, and neter to check it out. Two zombies are hanging by their necks from the rafters, people who probably had attempted to commit suicide. The place looks all junked-up, like from an episode of hoarders. Daryl scavenges around, and Beth asks him: “Why are you keeping all of that stuff?’

They hear zombies, and head to a darkened part of the building, Daryl has a flashlight. A zombie suddenly shows up, and Beth kills it.

Beth: “Thanks for the help.”

Daryl: “I knew you could take care of it.”

Still in the dark, they continue to search the building. Daryl crams yet more stuff into his jacket pockets, and they see more dead bodies, one being a female with a sign on her on which someone’s written the words “Rich Bitch.”

Heading down a hallway, they are startled when a grandfather clock sounds the hour. This noise attracts more zombies, which Daryl deftly dispatches, with his knife and one which he hits repeatedly with a golf club.

Beth: “I know you think this is stupid, and it probably is, but laying down to cry is what I wanted to do today. But beating up on walkers is what I need to do,” or something like that, is what she says.

Daryl: “Did you find your drink yet?”

Beth: “No.”

But, they are in a place in the golf course clubhouse that has old empty bottles of alcohol. Beth starts to cry. Daryl tells her “If you’re going to have your first drink, it ain’t going to be damn Peach Schnapps.”

Walking outside again, the duo go to a place where Daryl says: “I found this place with Michonne.”

Beth: “I was expecting a liquor store.”

Daryl: “This is something better.” There is moonshine stored in the building. Daryl tells her “There’s a real first drink.”

Beth: My dad said that moonshine would make you go blind.”

Daryl: “There’s nothing worth seeing out there, anyway.”

Daryl doesn’t join her in drinking. Daryl tells her about his dad, who shot bottles of alcohol in their house, and had a bucket for his chaw of tobacco.

Beth tells him that they “might as well make the best of it,” and she offers him a drink of the White Lightning from a Mason jar. He accepts it from her and also drinks.

They play a drinking game, in which Beth and Daryl take turns admitting things that they have never done. Daryl says “I’ve never been out of Georgia.”

Beth: “I’ve never been drunk and done something I regretted.”

Daryl: “I’ve never been on a vacation.”

Beth: “I’ve never been in jail.”

The pair continue on in this manner, until Daryl gets pissed off at her, and says “I never did” this and that and the other thing. Then, Daryl tells her “she never shed a tear” over anyone who’s died, and said that she’ll “never see Maggie again.”

He’s really ticked off at himself, and blames himself for not having “done something” to stop it all from happening.

Beth says she gets why her dad liked to drink, as she’s “feeling happy. “

We learn more of Daryl’s backstory. His older brother, Merle, was getting high with a tweaker. They were watching a tV show, and the show was the tweaker’s son’s favorite show. The tweaker pulls his gun on Daryl, saying “I’m going to kill you bitch.”

The tweaker punches Daryl in the gut, he says, and they both start to laugh. Daryl tells Beth before this, he was just “drifting around with Merel” doing whatever Merle told him to do. He siad he was “just some redneck asshole, doing what a bigger redneck asshole told me to do.’

Beth says that she “misses Maggie.” She tells Daryl about how she had wanted things to turn out, but siad that things didn’t work out like that.”It’s unbelievably stupid, I know,” she says.

Daryl: “That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Beth tells Daryl that he at least “got away from” how his life used to be. She tells him that he will survive, that he will be “the last man standing.” She adds “You’ve got to stay like who you are. Not who you were.”

Beth then tells Daryl “We ought to burn it down.”

Daryl answers her “Burn it with booze,” and he empties some of the Mason jars, throwing the contents all around the building. Beth does the honors, and lights the place on fire.

They both flip off the building, like saying goodbye to their pasts. They do this as a song plays, about “recovering from the damage” and “there’s going to be a party when we all come home.”

The Walking Dead episode, Still, delved more deeply into who the characters or both Beth and Daryl are, and into how they both are surviving. Daryl has found that he is becoming a different person, growing in a way he probably couldn’t have, if his brother was still alive.

Beth is also coming into her own, and growing a sa character. She may not be michonne, as she says to Daryl; but, she will still do whatever it takes to survive, and she wants to prove to Daryl that she has what it takes to make it — though, having a drink of alcohol, doing something she’s never done before, is of primary importance to her during this episode, up to when Daryl starts to open up more to her, and vice-versa.

It was another great episode of The Walking Dead, though, as usual with these episodes which are focusing on just a few of the characters, I can’t help but wonder what’s happening to the other characters. Did you like, love, hate this episode? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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