Tigers Jaw Announce New Album And Tour

Tigers Jaw

Pennsylvania local indie/punk band Tigers Jaw is back after most of its members departed last year. The band has not only announced their new album Charmer but also announced a tour with Run For Cover Records label mates Pity Sex and Petal. The brief tour begins in June and will cover an array of major cities across the United States. The dates will likely feature more intimate venues, and will likely sell out more quickly, given the band’s avid fan base. Long time fans of the band will be excited to see the band perform old hits once again, while at the same seeing a showcase of the newer material. While the band continues to pursue its unique blend of punk, indie rock, and grunge, fans both old and new will definitely note the evolution in the new singles that have been released.

For those who have not heard of Tigers Jaw before, they are a key band in the Pennsylvania area punk scene. The band has two full length albums, both of which have been met with mostly positive reception across the tri-state area. They have also appeared on multiple splits, compilations, and record label samplers, effectively making Tigers Jaw an effective band to showcase what new listeners can expect from the ever-growing Pennsylvania punk scene. The tour they are to embark on likewise has many bands on the rise to give fans a great show consistently throughout the tour.

In March of last year, the band had announced a departure of three of the five members, leaving only vocalist/guitarist Ben Collins and vocalist/keyboardist Breanna Collins left to carry on with Tigers Jaw. While the reasons for the departures of the other members will remain undisclosed to the public, the band made it known that the separation was done without any unpleasantness or hostility between the remaining members and the departing members. However, the two members of Tigers Jaw have not officially replaced the three open slots.

Judging from the two singles released, fans of the band can likely expect a finer tuned version of their evolving indie, punk, and grunge blend. This time around, however, the music will likely feature more emphasis on Breanna’s vocal talents. While her capabilities were mostly used for harmonizing purposes on the previous two records, the new single “Hum” is a brilliant example of her talent as a vocalist. One of the primary talents of the band before the split, was their use of three part harmonies. Upon listening to the new songs it is evident that the band has not left out their talent in that department. Breanna and Ben’s voices collide cleanly with one another creating the same sonically pleasant harmonies that Tigers Jaw is known for.

In most cases when a band continues onward after losing a majority of the members, the fan base reacts poorly and bitterly, insinuating that they will not be as good as before, or that the previous line up was better. For Tigers Jaw, the announcement of a new tour and a new album was met with nothing but positivity. With the tour likely to sell out, and the great sound of the new songs, it appears that Tigers Jaw has a bright future ahead.

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