True Detective Preparation Guide for Season Finale Tonight

True Detective

HBO’s True Detective airs the season finale tonight and here is the preparation guide. The first season of the drama series/mini-series has achieved wide ranged success for many reasons. The combination of social media and philosophical human instinct have prevailed the Internet chatter between Sundays.

Nic Pizzolatto writes the HBO show. Pizzolatto had little prominence in the entertainment industry before True Detective, his first TV script. The writer teamed up with a world-class production company HBO, A-list actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, which spearheaded his Hollywood entrance.

True Detectives main character is Oscar winner McConaughey. McConaughey’s acting has revolutionized and evolved since he first appeared in Hollywood. He began as a romantic comedy specialist in movies like The Wedding Planner, Failure to Launch and Fool’s Gold. His role in Hollywood was dubbed and cemented, until 2012. The Oscar winner’s last three movies have been Mud (2012), Dallas Buyers Club (2013) and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

McConaughey was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

The three movies in which McConaughey adopted the method acting process preceded his most absorbed role to date, Rust Cohle in True Detective. Cole is a philosophical detective, the “true detective”, that battles turbulent crimes in Louisiana. Who killed Dora Lange? Who is the Yellow King? These are the ultimate question that Cohle is attempting to solve.

The fourth episode is when True Detective hysteria really skyrocketed. The last eight minutes of this episode was titled an Oscar for Best Picture by “The Office” star Rainn Wilson. The True Detective Facebook page jumped from 500,000 to one million followers after the fourth episode. The likers included Anderson Cooper, Emma Roberts and Dane Cook. Everyone seems to be anticipating the season finale tonight.

Episode eight of True Detective, the season finale, is tonight and social media is buzzing so keep this preparation guide close. Each of the 11 million viewers who watch the show weekly, including HBO on-demand subscribers, are pretending to be amateur detectives themselves. Speculation as to who the Yellow King is creating maniacal theories daily.

Warning: Do not continue reading if preventing knowledge of spoiler theories.

Entering the season finale, the most intriguing theory speculates Maggie’s dad, Marty Hart’s father in law, as the Yellow King. Maggie’s dad is the suspected Yellow King because of the allusions surrounding Harrleson’s character Hart. Hart’s daughters have a documented controversial past. The sexual drawings in Hart’s youngest daughters journal, the oldest daughter has scandalous sexual endeavors, and the crown thrown into the tree by the oldest daughter matches the crown worn by Marie Fontenot on Cohle’s stolen tape. Where did the daughters learn this behavior?

Hart says, “The solution to my whole life was right under my nose – that woman, those kids.”

Marty’s life is the Dora Lange case with Cohle, and the solution is Maggie’s dad, which was right under his nose.

True detective season finale is tonight at 9 pm EST and this guide is preparation. The accurate theory is unpredictable as the show has been a roller coaster twist all season. A guarantee, though, is that McConaughey will impress viewers and social media will explode.

Opinion by Niles Olson



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