True Detective Soars to Season Finale

True Detective

Short and sweet, the HBO smash hit ‘True Detective’ soars to the season finale tonight as the break out hit of 2014 on either the big screen or small screen. The gripping story of detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson comes to an end tonight. Though True Detective fans are clamoring to know who the Yellow King in this whodunnit they may be more eager to know the fate of Cohle and Hart.

The saga of Cohle and Hart comes to a finish tonight. So if you are new to the show and hoping to get a jump-start on the next season you are out of luck.  While HBO has yet to announce the renewal of the series ‘True Detective’ creator Nic Pizzolatto has confirmed that when season two arrives he will we be weaving a different tale with different characters in a different setting. Which makes the season finale tonight more of a series finale for an obsessed viewership clamoring for more on Cohle and Hart.

Pizzolatto’s dark and sordid story  is compelling enough by itself but McConaughey and Harrelson together have escalated this series to another level. The star power of the two gave the show an initial bump with viewers but their performances have ratings climbing higher with each episode. For those that were annoyed by McConaughey’s speech at the Oscars last weekend consider yourself warned. The actor will likely will be picking up more hardware during awards season next year for his portrayal of Rust Cohle.

McConaughey’s character is the star of the show but Harrelson’s performance is just as compelling. For the uninitiated do not be confused. This is not a buddy cop drama. ‘True Detective’ is a story of two deeply flawed men navigating work, life and their own personal demons in the pursuit of the presumed killer, The Yellow King. How they manage this is at least as compelling as finding the Yellow King.

The burning question for ‘True Detective’ as the season finale approaches lies not just in the identity of the killer but also in the fate of both Cohle and Hart. In the last episode both seemed resigned to the idea that this may be their last stand. Both together and individually.

Cohle continues to allude to a life not worth living once the case is cracked. Obsessed viewers also noticed that Hart seemed to be telling his former wife that he too would not be around much longer. Yet in the midst of these two coming to grips with their own place in life Cohle and Hart have softened with one another to the point they might actually call each other friends before the series ends. That alone would count as a happy ending for most fans of the show.

So as ‘True Detective’ soars to the season finale the real cliff hanger may be waiting tomorrow morning after  season one has ended. How does HBO top this?  It is up to Pizzolatto to keep us tuned in.

By Mick Varner

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