Twilights Nikki Reed Single but Still Singing

Twilights Nikki Reed

After a little over two years of marriage, Twilights star Nikki Reed is now single after splitting up with American Idol star Paul McDonald, but she will still be singing with him on their new album. The pair first met at the red carpet premiere of Red Riding Hood. Their first interaction was caught on camera during a red carpet interview Reed was giving. As McDonald passed Reed and said hello, Reed was adorably nervous and tongue-tied. The two started dating quickly after that. Reed said it was love at first sight and she just knew that the couple was meant to be together. Until now, the couple has stayed relatively low key for Hollywood and has kept out of the tabloids, but they have always shared their love of music with their fans.

The split has been in the works for a while now as the couple admits to living separately for the last six months due to work commitments. They are joining the current trend of celebrities who are breaking up but remaining the best of friends such as: Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, and most recent Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. The couple’s rep says that the couple will continue to partner in their love of music and will move forward with their debut album, I’m Not Falling, which will be released later this year. We won’t even comment on how ironic the title is.

Fans of Twilights star Nikki Reed  are understandably shocked that she is already single, since the couple are always professing their love of music and are still singing together. After meeting in March of 2013, McDonald moved into Reed’s Malibu home one month later. They were engaged in June 2013 and quickly married later in October. The couple said they were so happy to be getting married and were so in love. Reed also confessed that McDonald was the ultimate romantic, setting up weekly dinners with pictures, candles, and flowers.

Although Reed has appeared in The O.C., and wrote the screenplay and starred in Thirteen, she is still best know for her role in the popular Twilight saga as Rosalie Cullen. Paul McDonald is a talented musician and songwriter from Huntsville, Alabama. He was the lead singer for his band Hightide Blues, which later changed their name to The Grand Magnolias. He auditioned and made it on American Idol season ten. Although McDonald did not win American Idol, he became a fan favorite for his easygoing personality and trademark smile. He is still mostly known for his marriage to Reed.

Just two days before Twilights Nikki Reed announced that she is now single and splitting up with Paul McDonald, Reed spoke about the marriage in an interview and said the couple still loves singing together. She said that they had no rules for making their relationship work, but expressed that it was important to focus on what they love as a couple. Clearly, moving forward, they will be focusing on their love of music and not the failed romance. Fans who are disappointed about the couple splitting up romantically can console themselves with purchasing the album and still enjoy the couple partnering together as musicians.

By Sara Petersen



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