Tyler the Creator Arrested for Causing a Riot at SXSW

Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator turned the streets into mayhem in Austin TX, on March 15, 2014 by causing a riot during his performance at SXSW. The performer allegedly told fans in a packed venue to push security guards out of their way. According to the police statement, Tyler was arrested for a misdemeanor with bail set at $3500.

The rapper was performing at a party hosted by Thrasher magazine and Converse at Scoot Inn, a venue with a capacity of 1000 and was already overcrowded. Tyler the Creator encouraged the crowd in line outside the venue to push through the gates past security, according to police reports. The crowd stormed the gates past the venue employees manning the doors.

Tyler tweeted later that he was canceling any future shows at SXSW because he “did not want to cause any trouble.” Austin police are on high alert after the deadly car crash caused by a drunk driver that ran threw the middle of a group of festival goers killing two.

Tyler the Creator cooperated with police without incident during the arrest.

Tyler’s success started when he formed the rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. They released their first album in 2008. He released his debut solo album in 2009. Tyler the Creator’s music has been controversial due to his use of homophobic slang. Tyle denies being homophobic.

SXSW has not gone without controversy this year. First there was Gaga’s onstage puke fest. She enlisted the help of a performance artist who vomited brightly colored milk on a canvas apron that Gaga was wearing during her performance at Stubbs BBQ in Austin. The devastating drunk driving accident left a sombre cloud over the festival and will not be forgotten. With 23 people injured and two people killed, the driver has been charged with murder. This incident will go down as the worst moment in SXSW history.

The festival brought many highlights this year, as well. Jay-Z and Kanye showed up at a venue where the two could see to the back of the venue for a change. Something they are not usually able to do in football stadiums or arenas. There was a tribute to the original underground rock god Lou Reed, and the performers included such legends as Suzanne Vega, Spandau Ballet, two members of R.E.M, Lucinda Williams, Sean Lennon, Alejandro Escovedo, and Black Lips.

Although Tyler the Creator’s arrest for causing a riot may have put a damper on the SXSW festival, it is still one of the most groundbreaking events that happen every year. The world in introduced to new technology and new artists that will change entertainment, social media, and the way people communicate in the future. Some big names in music found their start at SXSW including; John Mayer — Alabama Shakes, James Blunt, The Strokes, Hanson, The White Stripes, and even the band that Tyler the Creator fronts — Odd Future got their start at South by Southwest. Unfortunately, this years festival brought some unforgettable bad moments the history of the festival has changed the world in many ways and will continue to do so regardless of poor choices made by some of the artists during their performances.

By Christina Thompson



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