UFC Fighters Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit Support TRT Ban

UFCk Robbie Lawler Carlos Condit

Testosterone Replacement Therapy(TRT) finally met its end with the Ultimate Fighting Championship not too long ago, and few have been wondering how long it will take the rest of the other Athletic State Commissions to follow suit with the UFC and the Nevada Athletic State Commission(NSAC). California wasted no time in joining the ban not too long after, endorsing the NSAC for their active stance and following them into the war on TRT. President, Dana White, has been adamantly sick to his stomach about the subject and is quite simply tired of talking about it. TRT has been the dark shadow lingering behind the scenes in the UFC and the president feels exceptionally relieved about finally getting rid of it. One of the fighters headlining the card, Carlos Condit, also chimed in on his stance of performance enhancing drugs when asked by the Guardian Liberty Voice Reporter. Here is what the former UFC number one contender had to say on the subject.

UFC“I think its great, I think its one step towards cleaning up the sport.” Condit continued,”I think the UFC and the Athletic Commissions need to continue to assess and pursue more stringent testing standards. Condit touched on his basis as martial artist stating,”This is Martial arts; the core of Martial Arts is integrity and honor; and I think the use of performance enhancing drugs to try to get an advantage defies the face of that.”

When asked if he thinks the other commissions will follow suit quickly, Carlos replied in the affirmative.

“I think they will,” he stated simply,”Nevada Athletic Commission is kind of the gold standard in a lot of ways so they will probably follow suit.” 

Dana White has been fighting this battle for the last two years. Having to deal with top contenders in a few divisions receiving exemptions on TRT and others fighting to receive exemptions in different states and countries. It has become a long drawn out process that the organization feels relieved to get off their back. Will other things now pop up to terrorize them? Certain things like the use of marijuana may start to become an issue, probably for more than just the UFC but for other sports as well, like the NFL and NBA. Advanced testing may become an issue with fighters as well. Former welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, recently stated on air a few days ago that he refuses to come back and fight until advanced testing implemented. There may be a few other fighters who could quite frankly could go either way and just  stick to their own personal business. a fighter like Robbie Lawler thinks it was a necessary step for the UFC, but to him it does not necessarily affect his demeanor one way or the other.

“I mean it is what it is, It’s a step in the right direction for the sport, but I’m not too worried about that, I don’t concentrate on stuff like that.” Robbie shrugged,”But I think its good for the sport and a step in the right direction.”

UFC Fighters attitudes may vary on their stance with the TRT, like seen here with top welterweights, Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit; but one thing is for sure is the head brass of the organization is ecstatic with the commissions following through with the ban. During the pre fight scrum posted here in the article, Dana White has a nice parting message for  TRT from the UFC,” I’m done, go away TRT.” Now its gone, and the monkey has been taken off their back, but what will be next? Who knows.

Commentary by Justin Huffman



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