‘Veronica Mars’ Returns to Public Eye


After seven years and a groundbreaking Kick Starter campaign, Veronica Mars returns to the public eye and has made the jump from TV to big screen on Saturday afternoon at the South By Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin, TX. Once again, the continuing tale is headed up by creator Rob Thomas and the titular intrepid female private investigator-turned-law school graduate, is played to aplomb by actress Kristen Bell.

The TV show, which initially premiered in 2004 on the UPN network, was cancelled in 2007 as a result of the merger between the UPN and WB networks, which would become the CW Network. When the TV series ended, the witty, brash title character was completing her first year at Hearst College, linked with new beau Stosh “Piz” Piznarski, and was headed for a summer internship with the FBI. Additionally, she was working with ex-love Logan to uncover the party responsible for releasing a sex tape of her and current boyfriend, Piz, who was suspected of being involved in the incident. Moreover, Veronica’s father, Keith, was running for re-election to his former post as sheriff. The last image shown of Veronica was her exiting the polling site after casting her ballot looking confused and crestfallen.

Veronica Mars the movie is a treat for moviegoers and fans of the series alike. Its return to the public eye serves as an entertaining romp and provides fans with the opportunity to see the old gang back together. Many of the original main and recurring characters and cast members return for the movie version, including Percy Daggs III (Wallace), Ryan Hansen (Dick), Francis Capra (Weevil), Tina Majorina (Mac), Chris Lowell (Piz), Max Greenfield (Deputy Leo), and Veronica’s father, Keith Mars, played by the always enjoyable Enrico Colantoni.

The movie opens with a nine-year time jump from where the TV series left off. Bell’s Veronica is living a successful life in New York City and interviewing at high-end law firms when her former flame, Logan Echolls, who is played to charming perfection by actor Jason Dohring, is suspected of murdering his current girlfriend. Logan calls Veronica for help and she agrees to make the trip home to Neptune, CA to aid Logan in finding legal counsel. Additionally, her sojourn home also coincides with her 10-year high school reunion, which she would prefer to avoid like the plaque. When things turn bleak for Logan, Veronica soon finds herself returning to her private eye roots to clear his name and ensure the case is solved.

Veronica Mars‘ return to the public eye has fans ecstatic and even willing to chip in their own two cents to make the project happen. This fact was evidenced by the record-shattering crowdfunding campaign launched on Kick Starter. As a result of the continued interest convened to both Thomas and Bell since the show’s cancellation, the creator and actress asked the fans to contribute what they could to help make the project happen and joined forces to launch the crowdfunded Kick Starter campaign. The results were staggering–they reached their fundraising goal of $2 million in less than 12 hours, and ultimately, raised $5.7 million dollars in under 30 days. Bell and Thomas could not be more thrilled with the viewer enthusiasm and results of the Kick Starter campaign and movie project. Additionally, there will soon be a Veronica Mars book series released that picks up where the film left off. As Veronica Mars fans know, “we used to be friends a long time ago” and the cast and filmmakers are hoping we can be friends again.

Opinion By Leigh Haugh


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