Virginia Police Arrest Suspect in High Profile Murders Near Washington D.C.

Virginia Police Arrest Suspect in High Profile Murders Near Washington D.C.

Virginia police might be getting close to solving three high profile murders which were found to be connected about a week ago due to the fact they have arrested a potential suspect in each of the killings near Washington, D.C. In the quiet community of Alexandria, Virginia, mayor Bill Euille informed the public that a man was taken in custody in Wheeling, West Virginia, and he was considered a suspect in each of the three killings. They had happened in the small city over a time span of the past decade.

Charles Severance, age 53, was arrested on Thursday on an outstanding warrant and is now being held on a $100,000 bond. The Russian embassy located in Washington, D.C. had informed the Alexandria police and the FBI that Severance came there just last week wanting asylum. The Secret Service met him there but he was not charged for the incident.

The Alexandria mayor stated that Severance was being considered as a suspect with each of the three murders and that he fit the description of the reported killer that had been given from witnesses. Police investigators explained on Friday that Severance’s name was one that came up during a routine examination of crime leads.

When further examination was done by numerous police departments, it was determined that Mr. Severance was a convicted felon and was in the illegal possession of firearms. He was found by law enforcement in the state of West Virginia, and he was taken into custody due to the warrant for the weapons violation.

Virginia police broadcast that they had found a potential link between all the murders about a month after a piano teacher was shot and killed as she was answering the front door of her home. Authorities stated that her murder on Feb. 6 appeared to be linked by forensic evidence to the shooting murders of a wife of a former Alexandria Sheriff back in 2003 and a local transportation professional from November of last year.

But even with the possible connections, the police are reminding everyone that it is still too early to be able to draw any certain conclusions about Severance.

An Alexandria police spokesperson stated that Severance was one person they were investigating but the department did not want people to start letting their guard down and then have something tragic occur.

The suspect made two unsuccessful attempts to run for mayor of Alexandria in the years 1996 and 2000. His strange behavior made officials take notice of him. The city police chief decided to have an officer go undercover and shadow any campaign events Severance was at because they were disturbed by his odd actions.

Severance was considered as being a loner and someone who was never even involved in Alexandria politics except for the two times he ran for mayor. He just showed up out of nowhere and declared he wanted to run for office. It was explained that during debates, Severance would begin to rant about various things such as mental health issues and prescriptions for psychotropic drugs. He also had expressed his dislike of psychiatry on a website that he had registered to him.

A mug shot taken of Mr. Severance shows similarities to the sketch of a suspect which was given to the public after the teacher was killed. The police explained that the uncommon nature of all three of the killings required the police department to look at the likelihood that each of the murders was linked.

Hopefully Virginia police are nearing in on solving three murders which were found to be connected about a week ago. The links had started causing fears that a possible serial killer was on the loose in one of the suburbs of Washington D.C. in the northern part of Virginia.

By Kimberly Ruble


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