Walking Dead ‘Still’ Lacks Action and Answers (Video)

walking deadWith so many unanswered questions and viewers wanting to see updates on all of the characters, The Walking Dead season four, episode 12 fails to deliver. Still, appropriately named, focuses solely on Beth and Daryl. No other updates are offered and no answers are given. All viewers get is a glimpse into these two characters, what they were like before the apocalypse and how they are handling their fears now that the group has split up and they are missing their friends and family.

Beth and Daryl are an unlikely pair. They have not had much interaction within the group, either at the farm or the prison, but as the prison was destroyed, he called to her, urging her that it was time to leave. They were separated from the rest of the group and it is pretty clear that he is upset about being stuck with her. He even calls attention to her naive ways and how singing in public is supposed to somehow make everything better.

Even Beth points out that she is not strong like the other women. She is not Michonne, Carol or even Maggie. She is young, has not experienced a lot of things, as she proves during their drinking game, but still holds on to hope that things will get better. She has faith that the others are still alive and she believes there is a reason that she is still there.

During most of the episode, Beth continues to talk about everything from her old life to her need for a drink, while Daryl shows very little empathy for her. He seems to be irritated by her company. When she does get him to open up, he confesses that he was a nobody before the apocalypse and feels responsible for the loss of the prison and her dad. At that point, Beth proves herself to be emotionally strong and offers Daryl support. They finally connect as he lets out some of his anger and guilt.

Aside from them hiding in a car trunk together overnight to avoid walkers, finding a mass suicide that included hanging walkers at a country club and their decision to burn down the small shack they found in the woods, The Walking Dead’s Still was uneventful. Viewers with a weak stomach may be turned off when Daryl kills a snake, skins it and they proceed to eat it.

The episode failed to bring the usual excitement of The Walking Dead. It also failed to give viewers what they were looking for. Though many viewers want to see more of Daryl, this might not be what they had in mind. It was a slow-moving episode that focused more on Daryl’s inner demons and Beth’s need to live a little. Hopefully this pairing does not lead to any sort of relationship between Beth and Daryl. Most of all, this episode lacks action and answers, the two things viewers need. Next week’s episode looks more exciting from the trailers. At least The Walking Dead will pan out and share more of the characters and updates, including details on what is ahead for them.

Review by Tracy Rose


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