Watch Dogs Confirmed Release Date May 27 [Video]

Watch Dogs PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC May 27 Ubisoft

After years of creating and months of delays, Ubisoft has announced an official release date for Watch Dogs. Prepare yourself for May 27, 2014. The game will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and Wii U, however the Wii U version will come at a later date.

For those that need a recap, the protagonist of Watch Dogs is Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker with a power many of us wish we had. Using his cellphone Aiden can hack into anything electronic. All sorts of nifty tricks can be performed such as glancing at someone on the street to discover their occupation, salary, etc. With these skills the player will have free range over an open-world alternate Chicago that is home to a rather large human trafficking ring.

Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs May 27

The ideas explored in Watch Dogs are certainly brought about by the age we are in. Such a concept plays off of our concern for privacy mixed with our dependence on technology; a frightening combination. The setting in Watch Dogs takes place in Chicago, Illinois however, in this alternate reality all major cities operate under supercomputers called CtOS, which stands for Central Operating System. Hacking into this supercomputer, Aiden finds himself able to perform a large number of different actions.

Gamers are not the only people excited about the announcement. Deoffroy Sardin of Ubisoft said “We are pleased to be able to reveal to gamers all over the world the new release date for Watch Dogs™.” Fans have been waiting longer than expected due to the release date being pushed back. According to Ubisoft, the additional time helped to polish the game making it “more than worth the wait.”

Watch Dogs will be coming out for the Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. However, those getting this game on a Sony console will have access to 60 extra minutes of additional gameplay. PlayStation Network (and an internet connection) is required to download this bonus. Unfortunately, the May 27 release date does not apply to the Wii U copy of the game, which currently has no release date.

In an interview with Post Arcade, Ubisoft said that Watch Dogs is finished. They also said they are using this remaining time for “ironing out the 3,000 or so remaining bugs” which apparently are all very minor and not game breaking. The newest trailer shows off a lot of the story as well as some of the sweet tricks Aiden is capable of performing. Check out the video below.

After years of work and waiting Watch Dogs has been confirmed by Ubisoft to release worldwide on May 27. The Wii U version of Watch Dogs has a separate release date that has not yet been announced. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are said to come with an additional 60 minutes of exclusive content. The Watch Dogs team is currently working to fix the remaining bugs in the game to get it out on time.

By Garrett Jutte
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