World Wide Web Still Strong After 25 Years

World Wide WebThe World Wide Web is 25 years old and it is still strong. In fact, it has quickly become the must have for homes all around the world, and opened the possibility for people to make money easily from their own home.

When the proposal was given in March 1989, it was a completely different world for Tim Berners-Lee. He wanted to make it possible for people to connect with others around the world, and see things become easier. The question is whether he really expected the world to move to a completely digital age where people do not have to wait until banks open to take out money and students do not need to spend hours in the library studying. Many technology experts believe that this was not something Berners-Lee expected or even wanted.

The Internet has made life easier for so many people. Distance learning can be done through online tutorials and friends can stay in touch through email and receive updates instantly. Social media has developed, leading to sites like Facebook, which saw its 10th birthday last month, and businesses have been able to work with others all around the world.

A form of the Internet was already around in 1989. It was called JANET and used by academics only. Berners-Lee managed to create the Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML), so people could write their own web pages and get them out to the world. Since 1989, they have seen major changes for security and compatibility reasons, which have helped the World Wide Web still stay strong after 25 years.

Phrases and words used for the development have changed over the years. One of those is how the Internet is often used interchangeably with the WWW. The two are actually different things. The Internet makes it possible to use the World Wide Web because it is the information management system, which uses the HTML coding.

It was not an instant success. Six years after the proposal was put forward, 42 percent of adults in America had never even heard of it. 21 percent of adults just knew that it was connected to computers in some way and just 14 percent of people had even had the opportunity to use it. Most families did not have it in their homes and Google had not even been invented.

87 percent of adults now use it, and most of those on a daily basis. It is used for everyday tasks like sending money, buying products and reading the news. Some people use it to make their living through internet marketing. There are even children, teenagers and some young adults who have never lived without the WWW.

The next 25 years will likely see the web grow even further, and there are many more changes to come. It will see more and more people looking to make their fortune through various methods, but unfortunately that means a lot more hackers and scammers to watch out for. That is simply because the World Wide Web is still going strong after 25 years.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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