Young World Accelerates

Young World Accelerates

The young have it right in their hands, the new power of communication. It’s fast, it’s global and it’s accelerating very fast. Are we ready? Can we keep up? And who is watching them?

Apparently a teenager from New Jersey who likes the building, the New World Trade Center, made it to the top at 4 am this past Sunday. He made it past four security layers, a guard who was sleeping, an elevator operator and then he tweeted about it.

The security system alone cost $40 million, but is probably not functioning at full force as yet.

He apparently went through a hole in a fence and rode an elevator to the 88th floor, and followed that with a trip up the stairs to floor 104, then strode out to the roof. The young man has been charged with a misdemeanor for trespassing; he told his Twitter friends he had no phone. I’m wondering how he took a photo of himself out climbing around, as it was an apparent back view he posted at 12:04 am on March 2nd. Possibly, that was the run through, the rehearsal, of the big event.

The security chief from the Port Authority made a statement. Joseph Dunne said they are making efforts to keep the place secure.

Another tweet posted, simply said, “Inspired.” This was posted at 3:04 pm March 18th, 2014. Why do kids do such daredevil tactics? Because simply, they always have and probably always will want to seek the thrill. Only now they have the immediate proof to showcase the event to their friends and the world. The confirmation of something so fantastic, so super human-like and something for everyone to talk about. Possibly for him it was like many pats on the back and high fives, a certain right of passage.

For those responsible to uphold the law and keep things secure, it is a brand new world for them and our young people, which is accelerating quickly.

This technology is global and has everyone looking down at their phones, constantly. Everywhere I go, kids are holding cell phones, using one, checking sites or it is readily available in a pocket. Even at parties and sleepovers, it is in their hands like a group screen-a-thon, laughing when they see something funny, then sharing the scene-screen with the others. Parents have to ask them to put it in a basket and give them a cell break. Maybe they will just talk and laugh like the good old days.

The moral code, the self constraints of what is right and wrong will be tested and is tested already, everyday. I suppose the young in every generation find something and maintain leverage or a cool factor over their elders. This incident will probably invoke others to pull a ‘Justin’ and tweet it, an “I dare ya,” scenario.

The acceleration of news, events or dares around the world come to our youth, at record speeds we never saw. We waited for our evening paper, monthly magazines or the nightly news. Then there was cable, 24/7 and now it is hand held, live and streaming all in 140 characters on Twitter. Who will be watching our young? Those of us who accelerate with them and greet the new technology. Inspired.

Opinion y Kim Troike


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