15 Year old boy Shot Over Air Yeezy’s


A brief stent outside a Brooklyn Foot Locker could result in a short stent in the hospital for a 15-year-old boy. Early Saturday morning herds of people gathered outside the Knickerbocker Avenue store. Sneaker fans were lined up and some had camped out to get the Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy’s. Isaiah Martinez did not feel the need to wait in line with the other anxious patrons. He made the decision to cut the line and that decision almost cost him his life.

Martinez cut the line at Foot Locker and it caused an uproar among the other sneaker fans waiting to get the Yeezy’s. One of those people waiting was so infuriated that he and Martinez had a verbal showdown, and a scuffle. Then afterwards the young man told Martinez he was going to get his gun. According to an I whiteness account from Martinez ‘s friend Edison Cartagena, the guy left the line came back with the gun, and fired four shots. Cartagena assumed that the gunman only fired those shots at Martinez’s foot to scare him.

The outcome of this situation went way further than it needed to. Nobody should be shot over any pair of shoes. It is not worth someone’s life. Isaiah Martinez was hospitalized at Woodhull Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Cartagena witnessed this unfolding from a nearby store he worked at in shock. He exclaimed that he is just happy that his friend is okay, because the whole thing was crazy.

However, another I whiteness account by Jayson Roque at a nearby GameStop stated that Martinez instigated it. Roque had this to say; “I guess he tried to get tough with one of the guys he cut. One of them left and came back with a gun and shot him.” Roque echoes the feeling most of America has when these things happen saying, “that’s the generation we got now, they shoot each other over shoes.”

The law-enforcement on the scene reported that just moments after the gunman fired on Martinez he then turned the gun on his friends. However, sources say that his friends chased the gunman down and stabbed him. That vital knowledge gave police enough information to move forward. They have recently questioned a young man being treated in Woodhull Hospital for a stab wound. There is not any word yet on what transpired from that interrogation.

As of now the police remain in hot pursuit of the gunman, but they have not apprehended anyone yet. The Foot Locker employees chose not to give a statement on the shooting. Instead they had to prepare for the delayed opening of the store at 11am. Surprisingly the altercation outside of the shoe store earlier was not enough to deter customers. Foot Locker still eventually sold out of the Yeezy shoes at 6pm.

Apparently, the idea of obtaining the exclusive Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy’s enough to make someone negate his or her better judgment. Cartagena said that his friend behaving that way puzzles him. He said that Martinez is usually calm and collected. What made this young man react and why did he feel the need to jump the line for those $250 Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy’s is still unkown.  It is just one of so many reported instances of people being beaten and murdered over sneakers.

By Schelett Rickenbacker

New York Daily Post
New York Post