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AC DCRumors of retirement started in AC/DC’s  hometown in Australia, when a radio station received an anonymous e-mail from someone claiming that one of the band members was ill. The sender, who identified themselves as only “Thunderstruck” claims he has contacts in Europe and has it on good authority that one of the band members is very ill and has returned to Vancouver with his family. It is said that the band made a pact long ago, that they would never replace anyone in the band. So rumors are flying around Facebook that their 2010 Black Ice World Tour will be their last. The member that fell ill is reportedly Malcolm Young, one of the bands founding members.

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Adding fuel to the rumor mill, it is said that Guitarist Malcolm Young’s son stated that AC/DC may just be over. Along with that bit of news is the fact that lead singer Brian Johnson stated in an interview at a Florida radio station that, “One of our boys was pretty ill”. He went on to say that they are private people and won’t say anything about their plans until they know for sure about their band mates recovery. However the use of  ‘was’ as opposed to ‘is’ ill, may be a clue, in and of itself.  An entertainment reporter in Australia also puts credence to the rumors, claiming that retirement may not be the word they will use, but believes they will not record or tour again. Even though the bands Publicist has issued no official statement, speculation has their fans praying for Young’s recovery.

Others in Australia are calling foul to the AC/DC retirement rumors, one of which is an Australian newspaper who is saying that the band has booked a recording studio starting in the month of May for 6 weeks. A 41 year career selling over 200 million albums, 71 million in the US alone, makes this band one of Australia’s most famous. The band formed in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young and is one of America’s most loved and influential bands. They are specifically hailed as Rock Gods for their Back in Black album, that went “Double Diamond” selling in excess of 20 million albums in the U.S. alone. After the Young family migrated to Sydney, back when the boys were still young, Angus and Malcolm really started getting into music. George Young, the oldest of the three had one of Australia’s first international hits with “Friday On My Mind” which was created in 1966 and rocked the airwaves from 1974 to 2000.

The bands official website has no information on either an upcoming album or a tour. Lead singer Johnson has been on stage as recently as March of this year, where he surprised fans in a performance with Billy Joel. Johnson has been quietly optimistic about a new album that will coincide with a tour, and fans hope he is right. The public is sending messages of love Young’s way, and hoping for the best possible news. As of right now there is no word from AC/DC’s camp on either the retirement rumors or the possibility of a new album. Their fan base is hoping for an announcement of business as usual, and not their retirement.

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